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Flower delivery in Saint Petersburg and LO 24 hours


- in Saint Petersburg (within 3 hours within the ring ROAD from 10 to 21 hours) – 350 rubles
- in Saint Petersburg (delivery to the exact time from 10: 00 to 21: 00 within the ring ROAD) -600 rubles
- nearest suburbs from 10 to 21 hours: Lensovetsky, Shushary, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Krasnoe Selo, Strelna, Pargolovo, Novoe Devyatkino, Annino, Bugry, Metallostroy, Murino, Novaya Izhora, Novosaratovka, Novoselye, Kovalevo, Kolpino, Gorelovo, Olgino, Pontonny, station Sergievo, Pulkovo, Staro-Panovo, Yanino – 600 rubles
- remote suburbs from 10 to 21 hours: the village of Sverdlov, Koltushi, Vsevolozhsk, Sestroretsk, Lisiy nos, Yukki, Sertolovo, Toksovo, Razmetelevo, Levashovo, Oliki, Gorbunki, Dibuny, Kommunar, Krasny Bor, kuzmolovo, Lagolovo, Lomonosov, aspen grove, Perekyulya, Pesochny, Peterhof, Popovka, Poroshkino, POS. Telmana, Romanovka, Ropsha, Russian-Vysotskoe, skotnoye, Staraya (Vsevolozhsky district), Syargi, Thais - 950 rubles
- remote suburbs from 10 to 21 hours: Agalatovo, Beloostrov, Vartemyagi, Gatchina, Nikolskoye (Tosnensky district), Kavgolovo, Kipen, Kranstadt, Oselki, Otradnoye (Kirovsky district), Pavlovo, Solnechnoe KP, Fornosovo, Vsevolozhsky district (car factories) - 1100 rubles
- remote suburbs from 10 to 21 hours: Bolshaya Izhora, Kirovsk, Komarovo, Leskolovo, Repino, Sinyavino, Tosno, Shlisselburg, Sosnovy Bor - 1400 rubles
- night delivery (within the ring ROAD within 3 hours )*** from 21:00 to 10:00 - 700 RUB
- night delivery (within the ring ROAD to the exact time) * * * from 21: 00 to 10: 00 - 850 rubles
* Night delivery is only possible with a pre-order

For urgent requests, we can deliver:

- in Saint Petersburg – within 3 hours;
- in the suburbs – within 3-4 hours;
- for the Leningrad region-discussed individually.
For orders made in advance, we guarantee delivery in the designated time interval (+\- 25 minutes, depending on traffic congestion).

If the courier is delayed for any reason, we will contact the recipient or customer to deliver the order as soon as possible

The cost depends on the distance and is agreed with the operator on an individual basis.

You can order flower delivery by calling +7(921) 958-14-21,+7(812) 425-01-16 ( 24 hours) or via the form

Delivery time
Delivery is carried out from 10-00 to 21-00 hours and from 21: 00 to 10: 00 *

You can specify the desired time of arrival of the courier within an hour (specified when placing the order).

Our store employees will make every effort to ensure that the flowers arrive to you at the right time.

Please note that in a Metropolitan area with a heavy traffic flow, the arrival of a courier with high accuracy in time may be physically impossible.

*** from 21: 00 to 10: 00 is only possible with a pre-order before 21 hours