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Care of plants in a winter garden

Care of plants in a winter garden

As it is correct to look after a winter garden

Paramount task for each gardener is wiping of leaves of plants from dust which can do them essential harm. Daily easy cleaning is an important action which will allow in due time will remove the withering leaves, to wipe window sills and to sweep the floor.
The second important occupation is daily watering of plants. Here it is important not to go to far in amount of liquid as the majority of window plants can decay if the soil in pots is excessively damp. Most of skilled gardeners visually divide flowerpots which need a large amount of water from where flowers should be watered not too often.
It is also necessary to introduce in due time to the soil the mineral fertilizers absorbed in flowers during an active stage of growth and blossoming. If you have no sufficient knowledge in gardening, then the choice of fertilizers should be charged to the skilled professional who will prompt what mixes and in what quantity to bring for these or those plants.
Providing suitable temperature condition and level of humidity guarantee that your pets will grow in the atmosphere, optimum for their activity. All plants can be divided into three main types:

  • thermophilic – growing at a temperature from +18 to +20 degrees Celsius (for example, an orchid, a begonia, an allamanda, a sanchezia);
  • moderated – temperature from +14 to +17 degrees (a monstera, an aloe, a hand bell, a fatsia);
  • cold-resistant – temperature are from +8 to +14 degrees (a hydrangea, a fuchsia, a primrose, a geranium).

As for humidity level, it has to correspond to air temperature. The is hotter in a winter garden, the more tools for moistening should be installed. The majority of plants very favorably react to constant spraying of leaves from a spray and presence of various containers with water near pots.
It is possible to call a modern winter garden such oasis which is capable to please us with continuous blossoming of exotic plants at all seasons of the year. In such place it is always pleasant to be and have a rest after saturated labor everyday life. Besides, in winter gardens it is possible to be engaged in cultivation not only exotic flowers, but also classical plants which can be eaten at all seasons of the year. So if you decide to issue such room at home, then, at observance of the above described councils, at you to turn out to realize conceived.