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Features of candied flowers

Features of candied flowers

Candied flowers are not only an excellent decoration for various pastries. These flowers are very tasty and they are increasingly used in the preparation of luxury wedding cakes. In this article we will describe which varieties are most often used for sugaring and what useful properties such representatives of flora have.

Features of candied flowers

Currently, in the West (namely in the USA), candied flowers are the most fashionable and delicious confectionary decoration. As a rule, for these purposes, even exotic flowers are specially grown, which are brought to a certain state and covered with sweet glaze, honey and other mixtures.
The most suitable plants for such purposes are:

  • Petals of young roses;
  • Blooming flowers violets;
  • Thin-leaved marigolds.

You can also use pea leaves, borage and pansies. The most fragrant (yes, some varieties even retain their pleasant smell in a candied state) are leaves of basil, young vervain, lavender and geranium. Adding sugar only adds flavor, making the flowers more pleasant and welcome "guests" in almost all the dishes of modern cooking.

How to cook candied flowers

This procedure is very simple, you only need to find a suitable container with a spout and a shallow tray. Powder sugar or plain sugar is poured on the tray, and in the cup it is first necessary to whip one egg white. To the squirrel you can add a few drops of strong alcoholic drink to taste, after which the flower petals are dipped into the prepared composition.
The next step is to pour the sugar over the entire surface of the soaked petals so that it covers them completely. After that, the flowers are laid out on paper and left in a well-ventilated area. Keep them there until the leaves are completely dry and solid.
Some cooks advise to further dry the candied petals in the oven, but inexperienced people can thus spoil them. The easiest way is to wait a day and enjoy a fragrant dish in which candied flowers will occupy the leading position.
In general, there are no particularly difficult secrets in how to prepare and use these pastry approaches. The main thing here is to choose the optimally suitable variety of plants that will not spoil from the dry air and will be able to give the dish an extra flavor and exotic taste.