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We choose tulips intelligently

We choose tulips intelligently
So it was led that the female half of humanity since ancient times loves flowers. Every holiday, each significant date in life of couple is an event at which the man without fail buys to the ladylove a bouquet of flowers that it pleased her with the magnificence long time. But before each gentleman there is always the same question: how it is correct to choose a bouquet? To what subtleties and details to pay attention? This article will help you to decide on the choice.
Speaking about tulips, it is important to understand that to buy tulips in St. Petersburg is really difficult task. In particular, if we want to pick up qualitative flowers. So, for example, popular belief that tulips with wide buds will stand much longer, than their "little" fellows. We hurry to disabuse you: it is the sheer nonsense. Kind of it didn't sound, but buds that marks of ten centimeters haven't crossed, are considered as the freshest and steady. 
If you have seen on sale tulips with the elastic band which is pulling together their basis, it doesn't say that it is bad flowers. It is worth remembering that similar bouquets are immediately scattered, it is worth removing an elastic band only. Good grades of tulips hold a bud form even without use of a specialized elastic band, but also they are slightly more expensive. 
When withering a flower, the first victims are his petals. Hardly noticeable dying off of fabrics can be defined to the touch. If tulip petals soft, however, the edge of a flower sluggish — this bouquet several days on a counter, because to buy it — the bad idea. 
Depending on a tulip grade, time of their life after from cut off, also differs. Kind of strange it didn't sound, but yellow tulips stand in a vase a little longer than the red colleagues. Not superfluous would be to ask seller to wrap tulips in a polyethylene film straight after their purchase — thus, we slightly will prolong life to our flowers. 
Before tulips place in a vase with water, not superfluous will cut from below their stalk, depending on a structure. That is, rigid wood stalks need to be cut diagonalno, and bulbous — it is horizontal. Water in a vase has to be cold as tulips very much love similar conditions, and will keep the freshness longer. 
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