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To buy roses in St. Petersburg

To buy roses in St. Petersburg
It is considered that for the first time roses have been removed by the Persian gardeners. Often, emergence of royal flowers is connected with legends and myths. Ancient Greeks described a rose as Aphrodite's flower that, having left sea foam, I have created a white rose that became a symbol of her beauty. Already then, when the goddess in love ran towards to young Adonis, and has wounded legs, drops of her blood have painted flowers in scarlet color. No wonder, as presently the rose is considered a love symbol, not without reason so many lovers worldwide for any holiday give this magnificent flower.
However to buy roses in St. Petersburg, and at the same time not to make the wrong choice — a difficult task. Therefore we have decided to give you two-three of councils as it is correct to choose a rose before purchase that she pleased your look still long time. 
Now it is possible to find a huge number of roses of all flowers and shades in flower shops that have been brought from various corners of our planet. But Colombia, Ecuador and the recognized country of flowers — Holland by right are considered as leaders of the market. Before purchase it is important to examine personally each of the offered flowers, remembering about several simplest rules. 
Leaves, petals of roses — the first that needs to be examined upon purchase. If you have noticed traces from the torn-off leaves, or petals that as if are pulled out from a bud, is a sure sign of the fact that dishonest businessmen for preservation of a trade dress have already worked over a flower. Also such flowers extremely not for long will please your ladylove.
Depending on a grade, royal flowers have various vital periods. Grades, like "Grand Prix", are capable to keep fine appearance throughout two - two and a half weeks what you won't tell about Ecuadorian grades. Undoubtedly, the last look much more attractive, however, about their stability it isn't necessary to speak. 
The choice of a flower is only a half of business. Kind of you didn't exercise the wit, choosing a fine flower, all works will come to nothing if behind your bouquet due leaving isn't adjusted. Daily it is worth changing water in a vase, but you shouldn't think that these need to be limited — the vase also needs a washing under hot water that on her there is no trace left also from any putrefactive bacteria. Councils, popular in the Internet, say, should be added to a vase a tablespoon of sugar or absorbent carbon — the sheer nonsense, and the only thing what your bouquet won't refuse, there will be, oddly enough, a tablespoon of ordinary vodka. Hrizal — means that is on sale in specialized shops, and is intended for care of cut flowers — will also help your bouquet, as long as possible to please a look him to the owner. 
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