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Modern methods of packaging compositions

Modern methods of packaging compositions

Performing a floral arrangement, modern florists pay attention not only to the competent selection of plant varieties, but also to their packaging. In order for the bouquet to have a presentable appearance and to please the person to whom you plan to present it, it must be, at the same time, beautiful and of high quality.

Materials used for packaging bouquets

There is a certain amount of materials that are most harmoniously combined with almost any color. These elements can be synthetic or natural, and the first type includes:

  • An ordinary transparent film is a simple and competent solution (the film can be transparent or with drawings applied to it);
  • Artificial mesh - as a rule, it is used together with felt, creating a complete picture of a flower arrangement;
  • Organza - most often used for winding stems and is produced in a huge variety of colors.

The following types are distinguished from natural materials for packaging:

  • Sisal - obtained from agave leaves and is used, most often, to connect plants with stems of different lengths;
  • Felt - the simplest material, which is produced in a single-color form or can combine color with a variety of patterns;
  • Fiber and jute mesh - these materials give the bouquet a great presentability, and they are used, most often, when creating business compositions.

Of course, packages made from natural materials become the ideal choice for creating a bouquet, but their artificial counterpart is much cheaper for buyers because of the ease of production.

Using tapes

Not a single modern bouquet is complete without material encircling the stems and making the overall floral arrangement complete. Ribbons are produced in a huge variety and can be: metallized, plain and multi-colored, polypropylene and satin. Particularly outstanding options can be decorated with elaborate lurex stripes and embroidery, beads, beads and sequins.
As a rule, it is necessary to select the tape in the final itself, when the florist has already compiled the composition and determined what kind of combination of plants his client needs. Romantic bouquets intended for the holiday (wedding, birthday, marriage anniversary) are surrounded by lace ribbons, and options, for example, for bosses or colleagues are kept in a more strict form, and are surrounded by simple ribbons of different colors.

Ways of packing different bouquets

Florists increasingly began to give preference to everything natural, so it is surprising that holiday bouquets are made in a minimalist style and combined with felt and jute nets. Plain paper or transparent packaging can be used when it comes to creating a bouquet of wildflowers or roses, and a full wrapping of the lower part with a wide satin ribbon is suitable when planning a wedding flower arrangement.