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Zigocactus cultivation

Zigocactus cultivation

Fans of growing indoor plants are divided into two types of people: those who prefer "summer-spring" flowers and lovers of "winter" varieties. The latter increasingly opt for the placement of flowerpots with zigocactuses, which delight us with abundant flowering during the cold season. And now we will try to deal with the question of how to properly care for the most popular inhabitant of modern apartments and private houses - the Christmas tree.

Choosing the right place in the house

Like other types of cacti, Christmas is not too picky about care. This also applies to lighting in rooms - for this plant it is far from necessary to establish specific conditions. The only thing to consider is the complete absence of direct sunlight (even in winter), from the presence of which the flower will very quickly fade. The best place for him would be a not too lighted window sill, which does not fall under direct lighting.
In order for the zigocactus to bloom unhindered for several seasons, it is recommended not to allow sharp temperature changes in the room. If the room is constantly drafts, the flower is unlikely to dissolve its charming buds. The maximum that can be achieved is the emergence of new shoots that will quickly die.

Watering, temperature and humidity

The zigocactus is home to the rainforests of Brazil and Africa, so the flower needs moderate, but not too frequent watering. As soon as the earthen lump in the pot begins to dry out, we will need to add a certain amount of liquid. However, pouring the soil is not worth it, since the Christmas can not absorb too much moisture.
According to the assurances of experienced gardeners, zigocactus can safely survive in the temperature range from 2 to 40 degrees Celsius. If we clarify the optimal indicator, then in the summer for the Christmas tree it is best to set the temperature in the region of 18-20 degrees of heat, and in winter - to maintain within 13-15 degrees of heat.
If you have the opportunity to constantly spray a plant from a spray bottle, then you can safely carry out these procedures once every few days. Zigocactus has a positive attitude to high air humidity, so additional rubbing of its leaves with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and dirt will be far from superfluous.
In general, the Christmas tree is not too demanding to care for, so gardeners can easily place it in any room. However, you should carefully consider the lighting, which is the main nuance when growing this representative of the flora. High humidity, the absence of direct sunlight and drafts - these are classic requirements, compliance with which will allow you to enjoy the active flowering of the plant for several months.