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Growing Marshmallows

Growing Marshmallows

Zephyranthes is a very unpretentious plant in care, while this representative of the flora blooms literally before our eyes. Zephyranthes is very similar in appearance to crocus, but, unlike other plants, its flowering period is very long. In this article we will try to answer all questions related to the care of this flower, so that the residents of apartments and private houses do not have any problems in arranging their home interior with these amazing plants.

Choosing the right place

Zephyranthes is very easy to take root in a new place, so that it can be placed in open areas, allowing you to capture a lot of free space. He really likes sunlight, so a terrace or an open balcony is optimal. If you do not have such an opportunity, then a flowerpot with a flower can be installed on the eastern and western window sills in rooms that are periodically aired.
In pots, plant zephyranthes bulbs need to be planted in heaps, since they grow splendidly with whole "families". For subsidence, low pots and deep plates, filled to the brim with soil of a suitable composition, are suitable. The earth must combine not only the soil, but also additives from sand and humus, made in equal amounts.

Watering and air temperature

It is necessary to water zephyranthes regularly, especially in the summer - at this time it absorbs a significant amount of liquid. It is better to bring moisture into the container from the pallet, since the top words of the soil should not be washed out - new shoots appear on it, and the absence of suitable soil is unlikely to positively affect the development of the flower.
In winter, the flower pot should be installed in a bright, slightly cool place. During this period, the number of watering procedures is reduced to a minimum, as zephyranthes falls into a dormant state and gathers strength before the next flowering season.
In summer, the air temperature in the room should be between 18-23 degrees Celsius, and in winter, air should be cooled to 14 degrees.

Feeding and reproduction

Minerals in the soil should be applied only in the season of active growth. As soon as the first bud blooms on zephyranthes, top dressing stops and resumes at the moment when the last flower falls from it.
Zephyranthes propagates, usually in a vegetative way, giving a large number of small bulbs. The flower propagates when transplanted into other pots, when the "children" are separated from the main plant and placed in small containers, where a well-fertilized substrate acts as soil. The main rule for growing bulbs is to provide quality lighting. If we establish artificial sources and place containers on the illuminated window sills, the new zephyranthes will be able to please us with active growth by the next season.