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Growing Vriesia

Growing Vriesia

From the bromilium family, several plants can be distinguished that can successfully take root in room conditions. Such flowers include vriesia, which has a unique appearance and is able to delight us with beautiful colors for several years. However, for it, it will be necessary to create certain conditions so that the flower feels as comfortable at our place as possible.

Air temperature and lighting

Vriesia is a thermophilic plant for which the air temperature in the room should always be maintained at 22-25 degrees. With the onset of winter colds, it is allowed that the thermometer’s sensors drop to around 16 degrees - so the flower can fall into a state of rest and gain strength before the next season.
As for lighting, here too, vriesia, so to speak, shows character. In summer, it should be placed in a well-lit room, but do not put the flowerpot on the windowsill, where direct sunlight. In winter, on the contrary, the window sill facing the south side of the house will be the best place for the pot.
With a lack of lighting, the leaves of vreezia lose their color saturation and fade. If dried parts appeared at their ends, then you should reconsider your attitude to the situation in the house.

Watering and replanting

An earthen lump in a pot with vriesia should always be wet, but the plant should not be flooded. From an excess of moisture, we can immediately see how strange spots form on the leaves of the plant. If this happens, it is recommended to remove excess fluid and prevent flooding in the future. Prudent placement at the bottom of the pot of a drainage layer made of expanded clay or sand will be an excellent solution. In other cases, excess water must be removed manually from the sump.
Transplantation should be done only when new shoots form on vriesia. This occurs after the end of the flowering period, then the "children" are planted in new, small containers. As a suitable soil for this should be used a mixture of leaf soil with the addition of sand and pine bark.
During the rooting of new shoots in the room, you should maintain the air temperature in the region of 22-24 degrees of heat. The same applies to humidity - the more liquid there is in the air, the faster the small vriesia will take root in their new flowerpots. You should not plant several plants in one container, since the flower will be crowded from a lack of free space. The key to successful growth and abundant flowering is the free access of vriesia to fresh air and light. And other plants will prevent the root system from developing, so it is recommended for each individual shoot to provide its own capacity.