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Growing Washington

Growing Washington

Growing Washington from seeds is very problematic, as it grows for a very long time. A more rational solution is to buy an already matured plant, for which it will be necessary to create certain conditions. If you plan to install a flowerpot with a room palm, you will need to take into account several important rules that ensure that it is properly taken care of at home.

Setting a suitable air temperature

Most plants from the palm family love warmth, as their natural habitat is tropical forests and places where the sun shines brightly year-round. Washingtonia will be able to feel comfortable if the air in your house warms up to 25 degrees in the summer, and at least 18 degrees in the winter.
You should also make sure that the room does not go drafts. Sudden changes and the presence of coolness will lead to the fact that palm leaves turn yellow quickly, and new ones will appear very soon. Fading leaves should be carefully separated from the stem of Washington, as their presence does not affect the whole flower too favorably. It is important here to maintain a favorable environment for as long as possible so that the leaves do not fall off - this will significantly extend the life of the palm.

Lighting and watering

Direct sunlight can cause irreparable harm to Washington. The room in which you installed the flowerpot should be well lit. However, to place the flower next to the windows facing the sunny side should be after you hung the curtains. Without protection from direct ultraviolet radiation can not do in the spring and summer.
In winter, a palm tree can also please us with beautiful flowering, if for this we provide it with sufficient lighting. When the days get shorter, fluorescent lamps can be installed next to the pot, which will give the plant access to the required amount of ultraviolet light.
Watering Washington should not be done too often, but at least once every few days. For this, a liquid or water purified from impurities that has been left for one day should be used. Also, the liquid must be warmed up to room temperature - too cold water containing a large amount of iron particles can cause diseases in a living plant, which is very problematic to get rid of.
You can extend the life of the palm by wiping the leaves to remove dust and dirt. This procedure will allow you to clean the pores through which the leaves are saturated with the substances necessary for it to successfully grow and bloom.
In general, plants from the palm family are able to grow to an impressive size, if flower growers create the most comfortable conditions for them. Stable watering, an abundance of scattered sunlight and the absence of sharp temperature differences - these are the basic rules that must be observed during the whole time of cultivation.