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Growing Tradescantia

Growing Tradescantia

Exotic flower tradescantia, in recent years, it is very problematic to meet among the home plants of gardeners who cultivate various decorative varieties at home. However, despite its unique appearance, such a flowerpot will decorate the premises of any modern apartment, adding a touch of uniqueness and sophistication to the atmosphere. In addition, he is very unpretentious in care, so it will not be out of place to clarify how to properly grow a plant, achieving stable flowering.

Choosing the right place in the house

A pot with tradescantia will correctly mark where there is a large amount of diffused sunlight. Any shadow should be excluded, since the motley color of the leaves of this flower is obtained only when abundant exposure to indirect ultraviolet radiation.
Do not forget about the constant flow of fresh air, which will saturate the plant with oxygen, contributing to its growth. Balconies and terraces are perfect for this, but in winter it is best to bring the plant into the room and protect it from drafts and any temperature difference.


The tradescantia needs constant watering - the gardener will always need to ensure that the earthen lump does not dry out, but also does not become saturated with moisture. To remove excess fluid in the pot, you must first create a drainage layer.
The best option for irrigation is settled water at room temperature. It is necessary to moisten the soil at those moments when it begins to dry. It is recommended that you pay special attention to this moment in the summer, and in winter you can water the plant no more than once every few days.

Air temperature and humidity

The indicator of the thermometer in the room within 20-25 degrees of heat is the optimal condition under which the tradescant will feel as comfortable as possible. A suitable temperature for wintering will be + 12- + 15 degrees Celsius - this will be enough to immerse the representative of the flora in a state of rest and provide an optimal environment for saturation with useful substances before the next flowering period.
Humidity should also be maintained high by installing additional containers of liquid near the pot. A stable rubbing of the leaves of a tradescantia with a damp cloth will not be superfluous. So you remove dust and dirt from the plant, providing the petals with the necessary amount of moisture.
In general, if you follow these simple rules, then you will be able to easily care for a room flower, constantly rejoicing in its saturated flowering. Only the most experienced gardeners decide to grow this exotic plant, however, given the described conditions, even a novice florist can master it.