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Rules for the conservation of cut plants

Rules for the conservation of cut plants

Each of us wants to enjoy home flowers, presented to a significant celebration by a close person, as long as possible. But cut flowers very often die too quickly, which spoils the memory of the holiday. True, there are several effective rules, the observance of which will allow for a long time to save plants in the pot from withering.

Care and watering plants

For each flower, dehydration is a major threat, as we often forget to water them due to fatigue at work and household chores. During the transfer of already cut plants with air, the canals of the stem are clogged through which the flower receives moisture. To solve this problem, you must initially update the sections immediately after you bring the flowers home. And it must be done under water, since the air can fill the channels again, and then the effect of this action will be minimal. It should also be remembered that the cut should be oblique - this will increase the surface of the liquid intake, because of which the plant will receive the maximum amount of moisture from the soil.
As for direct watering, most plants prefer water at room temperature or slightly warmed, weathered and not containing bleach. The lowermost petals must be cut, as they rot in the first place and can, thereby, spoil the liquid produced by the plant.
Almost all flowers need spraying, as they best of all acclimatize in rooms with high humidity. Therefore, the petals and buds need to be sprayed every day from a spray bottle, while the moisture must consist of small drops, otherwise large weeping spots may form on the leaves.
It is recommended to change the moisture in the vase every day. If the plant gradually fades, then the owners need to significantly shorten the stems - in this way the flower will quickly receive the required amount of moisture, which will favorably affect its condition. Keep in mind that in summer this issue is as relevant as possible, and to minimize the risks, it is recommended to moisten the soil with running warm water with a minimum bleach content.

Suitable place for a vase

The best location for the flower is where there are no sources of heat. In other words, flowers standing near radiators and batteries will die very quickly, while plants located far from equipment can stand for a whole week or even longer.
It is also recommended to put vases with cut plants in rooms where the air temperature does not exceed 20 degrees. Of course, a person will be more comfortable in rooms with temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius, but such conditions will reduce the possible lifespan of a flower.
If you comply with the above conditions, then you will be able to preserve the original beauty of the cut flowers for a long time, which will give you only positive emotions from contemplation for many days.