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Growing Sedum at Home

Growing Sedum at Home

Sedum refers to those plants, the care of which does not cause any special problems. The flower has a pleasant aroma and is very resistant to sudden temperature changes. But how to care for him? With this we will understand this material.

Choosing the right place

Unlike other similar varieties, Sedum favorably perceives an abundance of sunlight. It can be placed on the windowsill of the rooms of the south and west sides in the summer, and in the winter it will need to provide additional sources of light. To do this, fit a simple fluorescent lamps that can be turned on after sunset.
As for the presence of fresh air, then optimally for the sedum fit place on the balcony or terrace. In winter, Sedum can not even make a separate room, if you are constantly airing the room. This flower will not die if there is a draft, although it is recommended to protect the flower from the fierce winter frost. The optimal place during such periods for him will be the window sill above the battery, since the excess heat to the sedum clearly does not hurt.

Watering and feeding

Watering the pot with sedum should not be too regular, but also to prevent the soil drying out. However, an overabundance of moisture can also adversely affect it - if there is a lot of water, the root system starts to rot, and the plant will work, thus, various diseases and quickly die.
Initially, minerals should be placed in the soil immediately after planting the sedum in the pot. After that, the plant for quite a long period will not need additional fertilizers. Subsequently, it is recommended that you feed your pet no more than once a month — in summer and spring, and in winter, forget about this procedure altogether.

Air temperature, humidity and reproduction

As mentioned above, Sedum is not too demanding on air temperature. In winter, it is recommended not to lower the index below 8 degrees Celsius, but you should not overestimate it too much. If it is not possible to fulfill this requirement, then simply place the flowerpot on a cool window sill, where the temperature is always lower than in the rest of the room.
Regarding the level of humidity, Sedum is not too picky about this parameter. The flower will not die at high or low levels of moisture in the air, but will grow more actively if this figure is at the level of 70% in the premises.
It is most convenient to engage in flower reproduction during its flowering period (in early spring) with leaves and cuttings. You can separate the roots with your hands or with a sharp knife, placing the processes in a new (small) pot. Sedum gets accustomed quickly enough so that you can enjoy its flowering already with the onset of the next spring.