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Growing Pandanus at Home

Growing Pandanus at Home

Pandanus is a flower that is ideal for growing in spacious rooms. The plant has enormous dimensions, and it may be enough for you to create a unique, cozy atmosphere. But how to achieve active flowering of pandanus? With this we will try to figure out the material presented.

Choosing the best place in the house

Of course, like other plants, pandanus needs a certain amount of sunlight, so the location near the window will be the best place for it. Direct sunlight will have a detrimental effect on this representative of the flora, so it should be installed in a more or less illuminated place.
Since the pandanus is growing rapidly and can reach large sizes, after a year it will be necessary to create a specific support for it. To do this, you can use artificial "stilts", which are equipped with all indoor plants that have a similar appearance.
Also, constant airing of the premises will not be out of place - fresh air will allow the pandanus leaves to be saturated with oxygen. Withering or yellowing of the processes indicates a lack of light or stale air, so that it can be determined by them whether the pandanus feels comfortable in the selected place.

Watering, humidity and air temperature

Indoor temperature directly affects the required number of measures for watering a pot with pandanus. During the flowering season (from the beginning of spring to mid-autumn), it is recommended to moisten the soil in the pot at least several times a week (2 or 3 watering will be enough). During the summer heat, you will need to water it more often, and less often with the onset of winter.
As for the indicator of humidity, the pandanus is not too picky here. For him, an average humidity value in the range of 50-60% is suitable. But air temperature should be monitored more thoroughly, since this massive flower does not grow too well if in rooms this indicator drops below 18 degrees. When the central heating is turned on, it is recommended to remove the pot from batteries and radiators, as this may leave the leaves dull and dry.

Feeding and transplanting

Young pandanus needs a stable application of mineral fertilizers. Until the flower has reached adulthood (2 years), it is necessary to fertilize the soil once a week. This applies to the flowering period (from March to October), and in winter these procedures should be completely canceled.
If your indoor pandanus is more than 4 years old, then you can transplant it once every few years. In other cases, this event should be performed once a year, each time choosing a pot that is a couple of centimeters larger than the previous one.