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Orchid cultivation

Orchid cultivation

In the domestic sphere of floriculture, you can increasingly hear the words of fans to grow indoor flowers that orchids are the most suitable option for this. However, it is not so easy to achieve their flowering - it will be necessary to create special conditions and carefully care for the plants so that the orchid can bloom over several seasons.

Choosing the right place in the house

Orchid has bright buds of various colors and, accordingly, needs a large amount of solar ultraviolet radiation. Neither a shadow nor a place with direct rays suits her - in the first case, the buds will not open, and in the second the flower will simply burn. Accordingly, it is necessary to create reliable protection for the orchid in the form of curtains, placing a flowerpot on the window sills of the east and west sides of the house.
Fresh air is another condition conducive to the active growth of a room flower. If the orchid absorbs enough oxygen, then its leaves will not fall, and throughout the flowering season we will be able to enjoy the unique visual effect of the presence of multi-colored buds. The flowerpot is allowed to be carried out on open balconies and terraces in the warm season, and for the winter the pot needs to be brought inside the room, since coolness can slow down the growth of orchids.

How often to water

Under natural conditions, an orchid is never in the water all the time, and the conventional wisdom on the contrary is wrong among most amateur florists. Yes, the soil in the flower pot should always be moist, but care should be taken that the water does not stagnate and that there is not too much of it.
The optimal amount of watering for an orchid in the summer will be two to three times a week, and in winter the number of water procedures is reduced to once a week. This will be enough so that the buds and deciduous systems of the flower have a saturated color and do not suffer from an excess of fluid.
For irrigation, it is best to use water at room temperature, previously settled. In modern apartments and private houses, too hard water flows from the tap, introduction into the soil of which can lead to the fact that your flower will become sick and die.

Temperature and humidity

Orchid belongs to thermophilic plants. She will feel comfortable if a room with a flowerpot maintains a temperature in the region of 20-27 degrees Celsius in the warm season, and 13-20 degrees in the winter.
As for the humidity level, it should be at a very high level, namely 80%. Of course, it is very problematic to maintain such specific conditions, so it is recommended to install additional sources of water near the pot so that the plant can absorb the necessary amount of liquid for unhindered growth.