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Growing arrowroot

Growing arrowroot

Maranta very deservedly takes a leading place among decorative and deciduous plants in popularity. This factor is due to the unique appearance of the leaves of this representative of the flora, and in the presented article we will clarify what rules exist in the care of this home flower.

Determining a suitable place in the house

In summer, for a flowerpot with arrowroot, penumbra will be the best place, where there is no direct sunlight. Exposure to excessive amounts of ultraviolet light can cause burns on the leaves, which are almost impossible to get rid of in the future. In winter, the arrowroot cannot be completely deprived of light - place it on window sills on the south or east side of the house.
Also, drafts should not be allowed to enter the room with the plant - the arrowroot will suffer from sharp temperature drops and cold air walking around the house. When airing rooms in winter, move the flowerpot to another room, thus creating suitable conditions for it for wintering and the rest period.

Optimal watering

The second important point in the care of arrowroot is the optimal number of water procedures. In no case can the plant be poured, so the creation of a drainage layer in the pot or a special hole for draining excess moisture is a necessary requirement for its unhindered growth.
In practice, flower growers often choose arrowroots for growing varieties, which accumulate moisture in the root system, which makes it possible to water them less often. But, in any cases, excessive drying of an earthen coma is not recommended. Water it once or twice a day, and you can constantly enjoy the flowering of arrowroot, accompanied by the appearance of leaves with a unique red-green color.

Humidity and temperature

The rainforest of Africa is considered the homeland of arrowroot, so the plant loves humidity more than its driedness. In the summer, in addition to simply moistening the soil, you should constantly spray the leaves from the spray gun or wipe them with a damp cloth, removing dust and dirt. In winter, you can water the pot no more than once a day, completely forgetting about additional hydration. At this time, the arrowroot falls into a state of rest, saturated with nutrients before the next flowering period.
As for the appropriate temperature, it will be optimal for the flower to live in a room where the air is warmed up to 20-23 degrees Celsius. In the cold season, the temperature should not fall below 12 degrees Celsius, otherwise the arrowroot leaves will lose their saturation and will fall off very quickly.