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Growing and caring for the money tree

Growing and caring for the money tree

Since ancient times, Crassula has been in great demand among those who not only love to grow exotic plants at home, but also want to attract wealth. It is not just that this plant is called a “money tree” - a fat girl (according to books about Feng Shui) contributes to the prosperity and well-being of households who decide to plant it. An additional plus is the absolute unpretentiousness of the rosula, which will not die due to the fact that you forget to water it once again or do not ventilate the room in time.

Rules of care: choosing the best place and watering

The Money Tree is very demanding on sunlight, so it needs to be placed in well-lit rooms. But, at the same time, it is better to protect the fat girl from direct sunlight - under their influence, the flower will begin to fade and die quickly.
An excess of moisture for a fat woman is much more dangerous than its lack. Due to the presence of thick and “succulent” leaves, the plant can quickly accumulate a large amount of liquid, so you need to water the flower pot not as often as in cases with other exotic representatives of the flora. As a rule, the flower tolerates the absence of watering for several weeks, but it is better not to allow strong drying of the soil.

Suitable air temperature

Crassula is, in its way, a unique flower that is perfect for lazy people and those who do not seek to create a specific atmosphere in the house. In summer, the plant feels great at temperatures from +20 to +25 degrees Celsius, and in winter it tolerates cold weather at a temperature in the house from +10 degrees. By the way, you can also not monitor the level of humidity by placing a flower next to batteries and heating radiators that dry the air.
The most popular species of Crassula are oval and tree-like Crassula, but other varieties of plants do not differ from their "relatives" in terms of their exacting atmosphere in the house.

Reproduction and transplantation

Propagation of the “money tree” occurs by placing stems and cuttings in pots that can be separated from the main flower without any concern. You can cut off any process on the stem, dry it for several days and place in a soil suitable for the specifics. In some species of Crassula, even over time, there are a kind of aerial roots, which are even easier to transplant.
A simple store product made from a mixed substrate of sand and earth will also come down as the optimal soil for Crassula. The soil is placed in a pot or container, and, regardless of the conditions, the fat woman quickly takes root and grows at any time of the year. Of fertilizers, you can use the succulents recharge, while the best time for making minerals will be spring or summer.