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Cordilina cultivation

Cordilina cultivation

Fans of exotic plants, whose homeland is the rainforests of Australia, Asia and Africa, should pay attention to a flower called cordilina. This representative of the flora has a lush deciduous crown and with its appearance will be able to decorate the interior in any home. True, there are certain nuances regarding the care of cordilina. And we will try to make them out in the material presented.

Lighting and air temperature

Most varieties of cordilina are heat-loving plants that prefer to be in rooms with an air temperature in the range of 16-18 degrees. As for the warm season, to ensure a comfortable wintering, you should lower the thermometer to 10 degrees Celsius - in such an environment, the flower will quickly fall into a dormant state and gain strength before the next flowering season.
Like most other relatives, cordilina loves the abundance of sunlight. It is best placed on window sills facing the east or west side. However, you should carefully pay attention to protecting the flowerpot from direct UV radiation - the sun's rays can leave burns on the leaves, which the representative of the flora gets rid of very slowly.
The darker the color of the leaves, the less light cordiline is required. If you want to constantly enjoy active flowering and bright colors, you should provide a quality environment to the flowerpot in winter. Buying fluorescent lamps will save the situation when residents do not have the opportunity to place the pot on the right window sills.

Watering, humidity and suitable soil

In summer, cordilina prefers plentiful watering, and in winter - moderate. The main enemies of the plant are the soil bay and too hard liquid. Accordingly, you will need to constantly remove excess moisture from the soil manually or by planning the drainage layer in the pot. Water for irrigation should settle for a day and be cleaned of iron impurities.
The most suitable soil for a pot with cordilina is garden soil with the addition of sand and humus. This composition will not allow moisture to accumulate, from which the root system of the flower very often suffers.
The younger the plant, the more moisture it requires. If your flower is less than one year old, then you will need to constantly spray it from the spray gun. Additional cleaning of leaves from dust and dirt will not be superfluous - by freeing up the pores, we help cordilina consume from the air the right amount of oxygen, which it needs for active flowering. The first sign of insufficient humidity in the room will be the loss of color saturation by the leaves and the formation of dry areas at their tips.