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Cultivating clerodendrum

Cultivating clerodendrum

The combination of white and red is the main external difference between clerodendrum and other indoor plants. The flower is a real masterpiece of floristic art, pleases with its splendor and sophistication. But how to properly care for him? Are there specific requirements for the atmosphere in the house? With this we will try to figure out the material presented.

Choosing the best place in the room

It is best to place a flowerpot with clerodendrum on a well-lit windowsill. However, the plant should be protected from direct sunlight, which can leave serious burns on its leaves. Scattered light can be achieved by providing protection in the form of curtains - so the flower can be saturated with ultraviolet light without any harm.
It is best if you have places in the house east and west. If you plan to install the pot in the northern part of the room, then consider the presence of additional sources of lighting, especially in the winter season (fluorescent lamps will do just fine).
Also protect the plant from sudden temperature changes and drafts. It is better to take the flowerpot to another place during the ventilation of the room - the clerodendrum loves a stable, warm, humid atmosphere.

Optimal watering

It is necessary to water clerodendrum stably, but not too often. During the flowering period (from the beginning of spring to mid-autumn) it will be enough to moisten the soil in the container once or twice a week, as soon as the earthen lump begins to dry out. In winter, the number of water procedures for a flower is reduced to a minimum - once a week is enough.
You should also pay attention to the condition of the liquid. Plain tap water will not work for us, since it contains a lot of impurities harmful to the flower. It is best if you pre-collect water in a container and hold it until it is cleaned of unwanted substances (within 24 hours) and warms up to room temperature.

Humidity and temperature

The natural habitat of clerodendrum is the tropical forests of Brazil, so it is typical for it to grow in conditions of high humidity. The fact is that this representative of the exotic flora absorbs moisture not only by the root system, but also by the leaves themselves, so that daily spraying from the atomizer will benefit the clerodendrum.
As for air temperature, it is necessary to observe the "golden mean". Your pet will bloom stably if the air in the room is warmed up to 20-23 degrees Celsius in the summer, and up to 15 degrees in the winter (at rest). If the room is not warm enough or you plan to ventilate it, it is recommended to move the flowerpot with clerodendrum to another place.