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Growing Quarantus

Growing Quarantus

The natural habitat of the catarhus is the fabulous Madagascar - this place is often called paradise. The flower has a beautiful appearance that captivates literally at first sight. And now we will try to understand all the nuances for the care and cultivation of this wonderful representative of the flora at home.

Proper quarantine care

The described plant feels very comfortable, both in the flowerbeds on the infield, and in flowerpots placed on well-lit window sills. As a soil for a pot, it is better to use a mixture of turf land, coarse sand and humus. But make sure that there are no salts in the soil - they will slow down the growth of quarantus and, in general, do not influence its life activity too favorably.
Water quarantine must be plentiful and regular. True, it is not recommended to fill the soil in a pot - from the excess moisture, the root system of the flower will quickly decay. To prevent such a development of events, it is necessary to provide for the presence of a drainage layer in the container or to get rid of the liquid accumulated in the sump manually.
Once every ten days, experienced gardeners recommend spraying quarantine with special formulations containing phosphorus and potassium. These substances will allow the flower to blossom in all its splendor and comfortably experience the winter dormant season, gaining strength before the next flowering period.

Suitable air temperature

If the quarantus does not receive enough sunlight, its stems stretch out and become thin. From a lack of moisture, the leaves can curl, but at a cold temperature in the house the flower completely dies. Accordingly, it is better for him to create suitable conditions where the air will be stably warmed up to 15-23 degrees. This applies to the summer period, in winter, the quarantine should not be where the temperature drops below 8 degrees Celsius.
When winter colds come and central heating is turned on in houses and apartments, it is recommended to move the flowerpot with quarantine away from batteries and radiators. Too dry air, poor in moisture, is not too suitable for growing this decorative flower. If it is not possible to place the flowerpot in such a place, then you should constantly spray the leaves from the spray bottle and install water baths near the pot.
In general, quarantine is not too demanding to care for, and you will be watered stably enough, providing a constant stream of sunlight. True, direct UV exposure can leave burns on the leaves, so in the summer you should provide for the protection on the windows.