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Growing calla lilies

Growing calla lilies

Calla has recently been very popular not only among owners of cottages and cottages, but also among apartment residents. By placing this flower in a pot, we can achieve an amazing effect if we create suitable conditions for the plant. And in the presented material we will answer questions about how to correctly choose a place for calla lilies, how often to water and what temperature in the room to maintain.

Optimal place in the house

During the flowering period (from spring to mid-autumn), calla needs a lot of sunlight. Scattered ultraviolet rays will help saturate the flower with useful substances, but it should be protected from direct light. In winter, additional lighting in the room will also not be superfluous, so installing standard fluorescent lamps will allow the calle to comfortably survive the harsh cold.
Calla buds are very sensitive to temperature, so if you manage to achieve the perfect effect, you should not allow a sharp increase or decrease in degrees. At the time of airing the room, it is recommended to transfer the pot with the plant to the room where the flowerpot will not be in a draft.

How often to water

To calla grows long and beautiful, you should constantly ensure that the earthen lump in the pot with the plant does not dry out. However, moisture stagnation should not be allowed, as the calla bulb can quickly rot. The best choice would be placing calla lilies in a pot where there is a special tray. Another option for solving the problem is to create a claydite layer in the pot, through which the flower can get rid of excess fluid.
In summer, an indoor plant is allowed to be watered once a day, and in winter the amount of moisture introduced is halved. For irrigation, use water that has been left standing and warmed to room temperature. Hard moisture can cause a variety of diseases in the flower, from which calla is unlikely to recover.
Additionally, you can moisten the leaves from the spray bottle and wipe with a damp soft cloth, removing dust and dirt.

Temperature and humidity

Calla will feel comfortable if the temperature in the rooms is maintained in the region of 22-24 degrees in summer and does not exceed 15-18 degrees of heat in winter. You should not be scared when the calla loses all its leaves in winter - this period is time for her to relax, so in the new season she will blossom again in all its splendor.
As for air humidity, an atmosphere saturated with liquid is suitable for the plant. If the temperature in the house is very high, then to guarantee the safety of the flower, you should place baths with water next to it.