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Caladium cultivation

Caladium cultivation

The birthplace of Caladium is the tropical forests of America, where it is widely distributed and has about 15 varieties. The plant blooms from early spring to the first months of autumn, and now we will try to figure out how to properly care for it at home.

Lighting and air temperature

Caladium refers to thermophilic flowers growing in places with abundant diffuse lighting. In the summer, this representative of the flora should be where the air temperature does not fall below 25 degrees Celsius. This allows it to bloom actively, delighting us with elegant leaves that have a unique color. In winter, when the flower falls into a dormant state, it is recommended to store tubers where the temperature does not rise above 16 degrees Celsius.
In terms of lighting, certain conditions should be observed: in the morning, Caladium favors the rays of the rising sun, but in the summer with daylight it should be protected from direct ultraviolet radiation. The best place for it would be window sills facing the western and eastern sides of the house, where protection between the windows and the flowerpot will be in the form of curtains.
Also, drafts in the room should not be allowed. Caladium does not grow very well where there are sharp temperature extremes. This moment is especially relevant in winter, and if you ventilate the room, it is recommended to move the flowerpot to where a stable, warm environment is maintained.

Watering and humidity

Caladium should be watered at the moment when the earthen lump in the pot begins to dry. In summer, moisture is usually applied to the soil once or twice a day, and with the onset of winter cold the number of these procedures decreases. Additional irrigation of large leaves of caladium, which during the growing season evaporate a large amount of oxygen, will not be superfluous. For irrigation should use pre-settled liquid, warmed up to room temperature. Water containing impurities and iron can harm the flower, and then the caladium will not please us with an abundance of fresh shoots or a charming leaf color.
All varieties of caladium prefer to grow at high humidity - optimally from 70%. To obtain a qualitative effect when growing this exotic flower in a pot, a soil layer of wet peat or expanded clay should be provided, or water baths should be installed next to the flowerpot.
When conducting additional spraying, you should ensure that excess moisture does not get on the leaves of the caladium. From this, they can begin to fade, and the plant itself does not like the bay too much. Excess moisture can be removed manually.