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Ixora Care Rules

Ixora Care Rules

Ixora flower is a very climate-demanding plant, which is quite rare in Russia. But among domestic gardeners there are lovers of growing this exotic plant at home, and now we will talk about how to properly care for Ixora in order to achieve the flowering of an amazing “fiery flower”.

Rules for growing and caring for ixora

First you need to find the best place for a pot with a plant, and the best option would be where there is an average amount of sunlight. If a large amount of sunlight will fall on the petals or buds, then burns can form on the plant. So it is recommended to shade iksora on window sills and loggias. But, on the other hand, it is best if the flower is constantly blown by the wind and located in a well-ventilated area.
Optimum soil moisture
Water the plant should not be too often, enough two or three times a week. The main thing is to ensure that the earthen lump does not dry out, and to monitor the temperature in the room. The more degrees of heat, the more moisture is required for the unhindered flowering of ixora.
The first sign of soil dehydration is falling of the lower leaves. Ixora refers to those types of plants that recover long and problematic. So if you plan to grow this variety at home, you should carefully monitor the level of soil moisture in the pot.

Indoor temperature and air humidity

In practice, it has been proven that Ixora calmly tolerates the average temperature in rooms in the region from +18 to +30 degrees Celsius. True, sharp temperature changes should be avoided - install the flower in a place that is free from constant temperature fluctuations (due to airing of the room, opening and closing of entrance doors, and so on).
As for the level of humidity, 60-70% is considered the best indicator for a flower. If this indicator is lower, then you can solve the problem by constantly spraying the plants from the spray gun, installing an additional humidifier or a container of water. This rule applies to the care of ixora in any period - even in winter, even in summer.


Once a year, it is recommended to transplant an Ixora flower from one pot to another. The procedure is performed until the flower grows - after which a simple replacement of the top soil layer is allowed. It is recommended to take a pot during transplantation each time larger than the previous one, and make sure that there is a hole in the structure to drain excess moisture.
After a direct transplant, the plant needs a lot of water. The habituation period can take from a week to two weeks, after which the flower will continue to grow. By the way, transplantation is the optimal period for the reproduction of ixora - for this it is enough to cut several cuttings on which there were no peduncles.