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Hoya Growing Rules

Hoya Growing Rules

Hoya belongs to those plants for which not simple pots are ideal, but the hanging placement method. This ampelous flower is completely unpretentious in care, so every year there are more and more gardeners - fans of vines, who give their preference to growing this representative of the flora.

Choosing the Right Place for Hoya

As mentioned above, it is recommended to place the hoya in hanging pots at a certain height. Thus, you will provide the flower with enough space for horizontal growth - its stems will drop, forming a natural "wall" of numerous vines.
The saturation of the leaves of the hoya with a rich green tint is facilitated by the abundance of diffused sunlight in the room with the flower. In winter, even direct sunlight will not be detrimental to the plant, but with the onset of summer heat, it is best to place a container with a flower in partial shade so that no burns form on the leaves.
The presence of drafts also negatively affects the growth of the hoya - sharp temperature changes can cause the plant to begin to fade and lose leaves. Place the cache-pot with hoya where the optimum warm temperature is maintained throughout the year, and move the container to another place while airing the rooms.

Rules for watering a plant

The amount of fluid needed depends on the temperature in the room. In summer, the soil should be moistened only when the earthen lump in the container with the plant is completely dry (more precisely, from 2 to 3 irrigations per week). In winter, the plant should not be watered so often (up to once a week), since the temperature drops and moisture is not so actively consumed by the root system of the hoya.
For irrigation should only use settled liquid at room temperature. To do this, it is recommended to collect water in a container and put it to settle for 24 hours - this will guarantee that your plant will not get sick due to the absorption of too hard liquid by the roots.

Optimal humidity and room temperature

Hoya refers to those types of vines that will feel great indoors, with both excessive and inadequate humidity. Of course, it is better to prevent air overdrying, as the flower may lose its saturation, but it is not necessary to create any specific conditions for this representative of the flora.
The optimal air temperature for hoya will be an indicator of 19-25 degrees of heat - in the warm season, and at least 15 degrees of heat - in winter. If the temperature rises, you need to carry out additional water procedures for the hoya, moisturizing the leaves from the spray bottle at least once a day all the time until the air becomes cooler.