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Gerbera cultivation

Gerbera cultivation
In modern floristry, flower growers very often pay attention to the ability to grow small, but incredibly beautiful flowers at home. Gerberas are just such types of plants that can pleasantly surprise every tenant of a small apartment or private house. At the same time, caring for them cannot be called difficult, but it is not simple either.

Determining a suitable place in the house

Most often, indoor dwarf gerberas are grown that need a lot of diffused sunlight. Without it, the plant will not grow rapidly, so provide a suitable place for the flower pot. In summer and spring, the gerbera will feel comfortable on lighted balconies and open terraces, and in winter - on the windowsill of the south or west side of the house.
As soon as the air temperature outside the window rises to the mark of 20 degrees Celsius, the gerbera can be safely taken out into the street. However, with the onset of winter coolness, it is recommended to protect the flower from drafts and sharp temperature drops. During the ventilation of a room with a plant, it is necessary to protect it from the ingress of cold air, which can lead to the immediate death of this fragile representative of the flora.

Temperature, watering and humidity

Gerbera falls into a state of rest immediately after the autumn-winter colds come. During this period, the flower “falls asleep”, gaining strength before the next flowering period, so that it needs to create suitable wintering conditions, otherwise in the new season you will not see a single bud that has blossomed.
Gerbera should be watered along the edge of the pot, preventing severe drying of the soil. But an excessive abundance of liquid in the ground can also harm the root system of the plant, so you cannot overdo it. The optimum water for irrigation will be a liquid at room temperature (warmed up to 20 degrees Celsius and above), settled for a day. Cold water flowing from the tap can cause the plant to develop various diseases.
Gerbera is very fond of humid air, so it should be foreseen for her to install water tanks next to the pot. Also, spraying the leaves from the spray gun (especially during the sweltering summer heat) will not be out of place - so the gerbera will be saturated with liquid and will be able to successfully survive the dry summer.
In general, growing a gerbera at home does not cause residents any particular problems with caring for the plant. If it is provided with a large amount of diffused ultraviolet radiation, regular but moderate watering, then the home flower will delight you with its attractive, fresh appearance for several consecutive seasons!