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Growing geraniums

Growing geraniums

Geranium has long been in high demand among flower growers. This plant came to us directly from Germany, and to this day, lush purple buds often adorn the windowsills of modern apartments and private houses. In the care, this representative of the flora is very unpretentious, and in this material we will understand all the features for creating suitable conditions for a flower in the house.

Plant diversity and care

At the moment, there is a huge variety of varieties of geraniums that differ from each other in the color of the buds. Zonal, Royal, Ivy - this is just a small list of the most common types of indoor flower, which is very demanding on the lighting in the room.
In summer, these varieties bloom lushly and vividly, but they should be constantly watered abundantly, avoiding excessive drying of the earthen coma in the pot. True, it is not recommended to fill the soil, since the root system of geraniums is not too adapted for "bathing" in puddles. To solve this issue, it is recommended to foresee the presence of a drainage layer in the container or to stably release the pallets from accumulating excess moisture.

Scented geraniums

Despite the fact that the size of the flower itself is not too impressive, it is still in great demand among modern lovers of indoor plants. First of all, fragrant geraniums win love with their wonderful aroma, which can be completely different, depending on the type of flower.
Among other things, fragrant geranium has some anti-allergenic properties. Their placement in the house will contribute to the saturation of air with oxygen and useful substances that strengthen our body and prevent the penetration of harmful air elements into the air. Oil is often extracted from fragrant geraniums, which improves the metabolism in our body, stabilizes blood pressure and, in general, has a very favorable effect on strengthening the immune system. In addition, some flower growers claim that with the appearance of geranium in the house, family members stopped quarreling, there were no reasons for scandals and the situation returned to normal.
As for the care of such geraniums, it is best to place it in a stably ventilated place. A great way out is to take the pot out to fresh air on open balconies and terraces - there geranium can be saturated with oxygen and grow without any problems. However, with the onset of winter colds, the flowerpot should be brought inside the house, as the coolness and constant drafts will not allow the flower to survive the dormant season, gaining strength before the next flowering period.