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Growing haemanthus at home

Growing haemanthus at home

Hemanthus is a plant with a unique appearance. Because of the shape of the leaves, it is also called the “deer tongue,” and every year more and more of these amazing plants appear in modern living quarters. In the presented article, we will clarify what care the hemanthus needs and how to create an optimal environment for it for unhindered growth.

Choosing the best place

Evergreen hemanthus, which occupies a leading position in the list of preferences of modern gardeners, needs abundant lighting throughout the year. This flower does not have a pronounced resting period, like its counterpart, so the window sill on the east or west side of the house will be the best position for the pot. It is necessary to ensure that direct sunlight does not fall on its leaves - they can leave serious burns, which are very difficult to get rid of.
For the formation of buds, it is recommended to take the hemanthus to the balconies in the summer. Thus, he will be able to receive not only the required amount of ultraviolet radiation, but also fresh air. In such an environment, the plant will be able to please you with abundant flowering for several seasons.

How often to water

Abundantly watering the pot with hemanthus is vital in the summer, as the sweltering heat forces the flower to absorb moisture from the soil in huge quantities. With the onset of winter, the number of watering procedures should be reduced to once every few days. The presence of excess moisture can lead to rotting of the hemanthus bulb, so, before installing the flower in the pot, it is necessary to provide for the presence of a drainage layer.
For irrigation, it is best to use a settled liquid, which is pre-poured into containers and defended during the day. Too hard water comes from the taps of modern apartments and private houses, the use of which can cause various diseases in hemanthus. It is very difficult to restore the initially attractive appearance of the plant, so it is better to play it safe and observe simple irrigation rules.

Desired air temperature and humidity

Hemanthus feels very comfortable at an air temperature of +21 to +25 degrees. However, even if in summer the thermometer rises above this value, the flower will not die. The main thing here is not to forget about watering, since the required amount of moisture will allow the "deer tongue" to bloom calmly even in very problematic conditions.
Hemanthus is also not demanding on air humidity, as well as on temperature. The flower will not fade in a room with standard living conditions, but the constant wiping of the leaves with a damp cloth will have a very positive effect on this unpretentious domestic plant. If the air is too dry, it is best to constantly ventilate the room, giving the hemanthus stable access to oxygen.