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Growing eucharis at home

Growing eucharis at home

Eucharis is often called a home bell, because in appearance this plant is very similar to its counterparts, having the same beautiful white buds. The main rule in caring for it is the determination of the correct position for the pot, and now we will tell you how to properly achieve constant and active flowering of this magnificent flower with a pleasant, delicate aroma.

Choosing the right place in the house

The main requirement of eucharis to a place in the room is constant access to solar ultraviolet. Of course, exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided, but the abundance of scattered light will allow this representative of the flora to grow for a long time and delight guests with the presence of fresh shoots.
The best option for the summer period will be the location of the pot with eucharis on non-glazed balconies and terraces, where it can be saturated with fresh air. With the onset of winter cold, the pot is brought inside the room, protecting the plant from the harmful effects of coolness and frost.

How often to water

Due to lack of moisture, eucharis will quickly lose its color, and its leaves will begin to fall off. Accordingly, make sure that the soil in the pot is constantly moist, but do not overdo it, since the gulf of the flower will also lead to certain problems (the root system will begin to rot).
Eucharis can also get sick from using hard water for irrigation flowing from the tap in our apartments. It is best to use settled moisture at room temperature, which is poured into the tank previously and settles for a day.

Humidity and temperature

Eucharis needs humidified air, but if you can’t maintain this indicator in the rooms at 60-70%, then it is recommended to spray the plant twice a day until the buds bloom on it. After this, you should not moisten the leaves, forgetting about spraying at all.
As for air temperature, the optimal value is considered an indicator of 25 degrees of heat - in the warm season, and no more than 16 degrees of heat - in winter. In winter, eucharis gains strength before the next flowering period, and ensuring an optimal wintering environment will allow it to open buds at least twice a year.

How to transplant

Eucharis is very sensitive to any movements, so flower transplantation should be done no more than once every several years. It is recommended to carefully monitor that the bulbs of the plant are not damaged, otherwise your pet will not bloom in the new pot for a long time. But, in general, if you carefully clean the roots of eucharis from the old earth and place it in new soil, subject to the basic rules, then by the next season you will be able to enjoy its beautiful white buds again.