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Care for indoor plants in the winter

Care for indoor plants in the winter
Even during the harsh winter cold we want to enjoy the pleasant aroma of home plants. Each flower, in its essence, is unique, as well as its care, but, as a rule, the creation of an optimal atmosphere for most varieties of indoor plants is achieved by observing several important rules.

Rules for caring for indoor flowers in winter

For most indoor flowers, the main nuance in the winter is the lack of solar heat and lighting. Mankind is used to solving this problem with stationary heating systems, but, in the case of living plants, this is more a disadvantage than an advantage.
When a short winter day ends and the sun hides behind the horizon, plants demanding ultraviolet light need extra comfort. It can be provided by turning on fluorescent lamps of medium power. You can determine the need for light by the fast withering of the flowers - the buds lose their color, and the leaves begin to fall off.
The inclusion of home heating systems, in particular, affects the level of humidity in the premises. If the air is too dry, then a lack of moisture can also adversely affect plants. The installation of additional air humidifiers, which will be relevant for residents living in the house, will also help to survive this difficult period. A simpler solution is to use a spray gun - day and evening spraying of stems and petals will allow the flowers to receive enough moisture for unhindered growth.
As for soil fertilizer, most indoor plants in the winter, so to speak, rest and gain strength. Accordingly, they do not need an excessive amount of substances, so fertilizer application should be reduced to a minimum. We should not forget about drafts - in summer, the air temperature indoors and outdoors is usually the same. But in winter, the contrast is maximum, and strong currents of frosty air can do huge harm to indoor flowers. Of course, nobody recommends forgetting to air the rooms, but at such moments it is best to remove the flowers from the windowsill in a place where they will not succumb to the harmful effects of the cold from the street.
Last but not least, watering plants. If you do not plan to move the flower pot from the windowsill, and it will be constantly heated by batteries and radiators, then the watering level should not be changed compared to summer. The plant will “assume” that it is still summer outside, so the living organism still needs a lot of moisture. If the temperature drops in the house, then the amount of water consumed decreases.
Observing these simple rules for caring for indoor flowers, you can provide your home "pets" with a comfortable winter and can enjoy their flowering with the onset of spring heat.