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Flower care before autumn

Flower care before autumn

The onset of autumn for most indoor plants is a time of rest, when a living organism reduces activity and tries to regain strength after an active flowering period. Accordingly, every gardener who grows home flowers, it is necessary to carry out a number of procedures for the care of representatives of the flora, so that the latter could fearlessly hibernate and survive the winter.

How to prepare the plants for the fall

So, for the proper preparation of plants for the autumn period, several important actions should be carried out:

  • if the flowers in the house were on a loggia, terrace or balcony with a constant presence in the fresh air, then they are recommended to be brought into the house and placed in a warm room;
  • rejuvenate the flowers, cutting off all the withered petals and buds - so you make room for new shoots and reduce the detrimental effect of the dead processes on the root and foliage system;
  • it is necessary to wash off the dust from the leaves by dousing the plant with warm water - for this you can use the method of wiping a flower with a soft cloth dipped in liquid at room temperature.

If these conditions are met, you will not only prepare the plant for the fall, but you will also be able to remove all pests and debris from it, which will seriously prevent the flower from wintering. In other cases, ignoring problems can lead to a slowdown in development and growth, a decrease in the number of shoots, or even a quick death of your pet.

Rules for the preparation of popular plant species for the fall

Consider the rules of preparation for the autumn of the most popular types of indoor plants.
Fuchsia refers to those types of flowers that can give us the joy of contemplation, even in autumn and winter. But the problem is that if you do not take care of it properly, the flower will lose its “juiciness”, and the buds and leaves will become small and inconspicuous. To prevent this, before the rest period it is recommended to shorten the fuchsia crown by one third, cut out the old forks and remove all sheets. These procedures are recommended to be done with all the bushes of the plant that you plan to grow in the next season.
A room rose must also be pruned, leaving several (5) live buds on each branch. Leaves do not need to be removed, place a pot with a flower best on the east side of an apartment or house - so the plant will get enough sunlight in the morning, in the afternoon and at sunset.
By the way, for some plants the ideal wintering place will be the northern side of the premises, where the flowers will not be subject to drying out of the soil or the emergence of a spider mite. The “lovers of the north” include monstera, calathea, dracaena and cyclamens, which have recently been very popular among indoor gardeners.