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Cyclamen cultivation

Cyclamen cultivation

Cyclamen belongs to those varieties of domestic flowers that can please us with bright colors in the winter season. Many believe that as soon as the leaves and buds fall, the plant needs to be thrown away. However, this is the wrong approach, and in the material presented we will clarify what are the nuances in caring for this beautiful representative of the flora.

Choosing the right place in the house for a cyclamen pot

Oriental windows for a pot with this plant are optimal, since it needs constant availability of solar ultraviolet radiation. However, he will have to provide special protection from direct sunlight, which leaves serious burns on cyclamen leaves. To do this, in the summer you can hang curtains on the windows, and in winter remove them, providing the flower with constant access to lighting.
Another rule in the winter is the safety of cyclamen from sudden temperature changes and cool air entering the room. At the time of airing the room, a flowerpot with a flower should be taken away from the draft, otherwise it will quickly fade and lose leaves.

Optimum watering cyclamen

Proper care of cyclamen also consists in creating conditions when the soil in the pot is stably moist. Moisture should be added to the soil of the pot no more than once a day, avoiding the bay of the plant. His root system can suffer from this, and returning the initially attractive appearance of a pet will be very problematic.
For watering, use liquid that has been warmed to room temperature. The water flowing from the tap of modern apartments and private houses is not very suitable for this, since it contains a large number of harmful impurities. The liquid will need to be defended during the day, and then cyclamen will not get sick, and will delight you with abundant flowering for a long period.
Carefully ensure that excess moisture does not get on the leaves of cyclamen and its tuber. It is necessary to moisten only the soil, and to solve this problem, you can use a standard watering can.

Indoor temperature and humidity

During flowering, the air temperature in a room with cyclamen should not exceed the mark of 20 degrees. Of course, in most cases, this condition is very difficult to implement, since this level is not enough for a comfortable stay. Accordingly, the best choice would be to place a pot with a plant in a special room (greenhouse), where it can successfully reproduce.
Humidity is also recommended to be maintained at a very high level. As additional sources of water, special bathtubs are installed next to the pot. So cyclamen will be able to be saturated with the required amount of liquid, and residents will not have to feel discomfort if they decide to grow this representative of the flora right at home.