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Growing camellia

Growing camellia

Camellia is a very beautiful, but very fragile plant. In leaving, this representative of the flora shows, so to speak, character, and it cannot be said that he will bloom in the house of the owner, who sometimes forgets to water the plants or transplant them in time. In this material we will try to mention all the details that you may encounter in the process of growing camellia at home.

Picky Camellia

Very often we can witness that camellia buds fall right after they open. The reason for this may be:

  • lack of lighting;
  • irregular watering;
  • improper air temperature in the room.

Camellia is very much in need of diffused light. In spring and summer, the flowerpot is best placed in a room where the sun's rays penetrate most of the day. True, direct UV exposure will do more harm than good, so protection should be provided for the flower in the form of curtains or curtains.
The second important nuance is watering. During the flowering period (from the beginning of spring to mid-autumn), camellia should be watered regularly - a couple of times a day. In winter, the amount of liquid introduced is halved - it will be enough to moisten the soil once a day or two. To do this, it is better to use a settled liquid, previously heated to room temperature. Water should be cleaned of any external impurities, the presence of which will lead to diseases in the plant.

Installation in the right place

Immediately after the purchase, young camellia is recommended to be placed in a small flowerpot set in partial shade. The temperature in the room should not exceed 16 degrees, and the flowerpot on the open window sill or terrace would be the best place for the flower.
After camellia reaches 2 years of age, it is moved to another place. With the onset of winter colds, the flower falls into a dormant state, gaining strength before a new flowering period. At this point, it can significantly decrease in size, and a suitable temperature would be an indicator of air heating within 12-15 degrees Celsius.
For camellia, additional moistening of leaves from a spray bottle will not be superfluous. Especially this moment is relevant in the summer, when the flower needs a lot of liquid. The presence of fresh air will also be a favorable condition for its growth. As soon as the buds open in the flowerpot, humidification from the atomizers should be reduced to a minimum - at this time excess moisture will only prevent your room camellia from developing.
As you can understand, an exotic camellia plant is very demanding to care for. True, there are no too complicated events that could not be performed by an experienced or beginner grower. It is enough to pay attention to camellia once a day, and it will be able to bloom favorably for several consecutive seasons.