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Cultivation of asparagus

Cultivation of asparagus

Asparagus is a plant that has a unique appearance. Thanks to the many green wreaths, this indoor flora representative can be an excellent decoration in any room. In addition, caring for it is very simple, so that every year more and more gardeners place such an original and unpretentious plant in their home premises.

Choosing the best place in the house

Due to abundant flowering at any time of the year, asparagus constantly needs an abundance of solar ultraviolet radiation. It is best placed on the windowsills of the east and west sides of the house, where there is stable diffused light. Some residents install a container in partial shade (the asparagus does not suffer much from this), but if there is little light, then very soon the wreaths will lose their saturation and fall off.
In the autumn and winter season, it is better to protect the flower from sudden temperature changes and drafts. The key to active flowering is warm, but not too dried air. Of course, it is far from always possible to achieve the desired effect, but for solving urgent problems we can use artificial lighting sources.
Experienced florists recommend that budding flower growers take out a pot of asparagus in the summer and spring on open balconies and terraces. The abundance of fresh air will favorably affect the plant, contributing to its active flowering.

How often to water and what temperature to maintain

Humidify the earth in a pot should be every day, since asparagus needs a lot of moisture. The drying up of an earthen coma is detrimental to him, so it will be necessary to apply moisture to the soil twice a day.
This rule is valid for the spring-summer period, when the temperature in the room is maintained in the region of 20-24 degrees. In winter, when the thermometer readings drop below 17 degrees Celsius, you can water the plant no more than once a day.
Dried air is also one of the main problems causing plant death. When the heating period begins, it is better to remove the flowerpot from the window sills located above the batteries. In addition, to prevent the death of the plant in the pot, it is possible to provide for the existence of a drainage layer of expanded clay - so moisture can linger and the asparagus, if there is a need for it, will consume it when the air is too dry.
In general, asparagus belongs to the very popular inhabitants of modern apartments and private houses, since caring for it is based on standard rules and norms. This plant will saturate the indoor air with oxygen, helping to improve our well-being. Yes, and, to be honest, the appearance of this handsome man can pleasantly please even the most demanding lover of growing indoor flowers.