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Growing anthurium

Growing anthurium

The flower of anthurium, according to popular beliefs, symbolizes everything that modern men value: courage, fortitude, courage and so on. Each of us, guaranteed, at least once in my life saw this amazing houseplant, and now we will try to figure out how to properly grow it at home.

The correct arrangement of the flowerpot in the house

The selection of a suitable place for a pot with an antrurium is the main guarantee of its continuous flowering. The main requirement of the flower is constant access to solar ultraviolet. However, one should not allow the plant to be in direct rays - it is best placed on window sills with curtains, which will serve as reliable protection against burns.
As for the presence of fresh air, it will contribute to the optimal flowering of anthurium, but not too frequent ventilation of the premises will not destroy the flower. This representative of the flora does not tolerate sudden temperature extremes, so it must be placed where optimally warm conditions are maintained.

Air temperature, humidity and watering

The natural homeland of Anthurium is considered the forests of Central and South America. It is there, for most of the year, that the air temperature is maintained at around 18 degrees Celsius. Accordingly, at home it is best to establish a similar temperature regime. Winter cold for the flower is destructive, but the plant will withstand the increase in air temperature without any problems.
The optimal amount of watering for anthurium is considered once every few days - in the summer, and once a week - in the winter. It should not be allowed to flood the soil, since the rhizome of the anthurium can rot. Moisture should be applied immediately after the earthen lump in the pot begins to dry. For watering, it is recommended to use room-temperature moisture, settled for a day.
Maintaining high humidity is another condition for growing anthurium at home. If you cannot set this parameter to 70% in the room, then you should constantly spray the leaves of the flower from the spray bottle and install water baths near the flowerpot. It is important to remember this in the summer - during this period, the plant needs the maximum amount of fluid.

Fertilizers and reproduction

Mineral fertilizers can be applied to the soil with anthurium once every three months. If you use fertilizing more often, then this will not cause irreparable harm to the flower. However, in winter, the number of top dressings should be minimized, since the anthurium falls into a state of rest and does not need additional minerals.
Anthurium is best propagated by dividing the bush. You can divide it into two or more separate elements immediately after all the leaves fall from the flower. As a rule, anthurium lives up to three years, after which you can begin to grow new shoots.