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Amaryllis cultivation

Amaryllis cultivation

Amaryllis is very often confused with hippeatrum, as these flowers are very similar. True, the first grade has bright differences, expressed in the size of the buds and bulbs, and it is much easier to take care of it. And in this article we will clarify what are the nuances of growing amaryllis at home, and why modern flower growers give preference to it.

Choosing the right place in the room

Amaryllis has a variegated, varied color of buds, which attracts the attention of fans to grow exotic plants at home. For him, the best place would be windows on the east or west side, where there is a large amount of diffused sunlight. If the flowerpot is placed in the shade or partial shade, then we are unlikely to enjoy its active flowering - buds need an abundance of ultraviolet light.
As the buds grow, the amaryllis should be rotated, as it physically reaches for light. But one should not forget about the presence of fresh air - in the summer a room with a flowerpot will need to be constantly aired. If you want to spend less time on this, then just take the pot to the open balconies, and then the flower will be able to bloom unhindered with minimal attention from the residents.
In winter, amaryllis should be protected from drafts and cold air walking around the premises. A plant can quickly drop leaves if it grows in places with constant temperature changes. The key to his long life is a stable warm atmosphere, good lighting and abundant watering.

How often to water

Amaryllis bulb rotting is the most common cause of death. Therefore, it is impossible to fill the plant in any case - make sure that the soil in the flowerpot was moist, but there was no excess water. You can solve the problem by providing for the presence of a drainage layer in advance.
In summer, amaryllis absorbs a large amount of liquid, and in winter falls into a state of rest. In the cold season, the amount of moisture introduced should be reduced to a minimum, giving the flower the opportunity to relax before the next flowering season. For watering, it is better to use liquid at room temperature, settled for a day.

Temperature and humidity

Amaryllis stands out among other varieties of exotic plants with its requirements for air humidity. High rates of saturation of the atmosphere with moisture are contraindicated, so it is not recommended to additionally moisten it from the atomizer.
As in other cases, the described plant has two periods of life throughout the year: active growth and peace. In the first case, the optimal air temperature for it will be an indicator in the region of 20-22 degrees, and in winter - no more than 10-12 degrees.