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Growing Achimenes

Growing Achimenes

Ahimenez is a plant ideal for growing indoors. This flower pleases residents with bright buds in the autumn-winter period, and at the same time, it feels great not only in pots, but also in limbo. And now we will figure out how to properly care for Achimenes.

Choosing the best place for the plant

Like most other flowering plants, Achimenes does not perceive too much exposure to direct sunlight. Ultraviolet will leave burns on the leaves, so it is best to place it in a place where there is enough diffused sunlight. For this, window sills in the western or eastern part of the apartment are optimal.
In winter, a small amount of light should be compensated by installing additional sources, which must be turned on after sunset for several hours. You should also protect the Achimenes from sudden temperature changes and take the flower pot to another room during the ventilation of the room.

Optimum moisture

The root system of Achimenes absorbs fluid very quickly (especially during flowering), so you need to make sure that the soil does not dry out. Spring and most of the fall are the time when the plant should be watered regularly (at least once a day), but also not to allow an excess of moisture. If the flower fades and loses leaves, it is recommended to reconsider your attitude to soil moisture.
As for spraying the leaves, the holding of this event will allow Achimenes to develop more actively. If you moisturize the foliage system at least once every couple of days, removing dust and supplying your pet with high-quality liquid, he will delight you with a long flowering period and an abundance of shoots.

Humidity and temperature in the room

The number of measures to moisten the soil is directly related to the temperature of the air in the room. If this parameter is at around 19 to 25 degrees Celsius, then you can absolutely not worry about the flower. With decreasing temperature, it is recommended to reduce the number of irrigations, and with the onset of summer, increase.
The presence of additional moisture sources will be far from superfluous in this situation. Various bathtubs with water will help maintain the optimum indicator of air humidity for the flower, if you cannot physically set this indicator in the room at 70%.

Plant transplant

February for Achimenes is the best month for transplanting into a new pot. The container should be several centimeters larger than the previous one, while in the pot there must be a hole for draining excess fluid.
It is necessary to transplant the plant after providing a drainage layer in the pot, and a mixture of sand, leaf and turf soil should be used as the optimal soil.