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Growing Adiantum

Growing Adiantum

The main value of the adiantum is the presence of evergreen leaves that create a real flower garden. At the same time, the plant is not too whimsical regarding care, so every year there are more and more people who want to grow this amazing representative of the flora at home. And now we will tell you how to create the most suitable conditions for the adiantum.

Accommodation in a room

It can be safely stated that the adiantum has unique flowering conditions. He stockpiles fresh shoots for several seasons ahead, so if we create the wrong environment for him, we can notice the flaws only for the next season or even a year later.
Adiantum, like other types of ferns, is most often placed in shaded places where there is diffused sunlight. Direct ultraviolet is harmful for them, so they are not allowed to be installed on the windowsills of the south side of the house without reliable protection from the sun.
You should also carefully monitor that the flowerpot is not where we constantly go. Physical damage to the flower (even accidental) can quickly affect it. The adiantum is restored for a very long time, so place it in a place inaccessible to children.

Watering, soil composition and reproduction

The natural habitat of ferns are tropical forests, where the air is constantly humid and there is a large amount of precipitation. Accordingly, the soil in a flowerpot with an adiantum should always be moist. Liquid should be introduced if we notice that the soil is drying out. In other cases, when dry branches have formed due to lack of water, it is recommended to cut them quickly so that drying does not go to other processes.
In terms of soil composition, a light earthen mixture with the addition of sand and a minimum of mineral fertilizers is best suited for the adiantum. The presence of a drainage sand layer will protect the plant from fluid stagnation, from which the root system of the flower will suffer, and it will quickly die.
It will be necessary to fertilize the soil during the period of active flowering of the adiantum - on average once every three weeks. More mature plants need to be fed no more than once a month, as small leaves do not consume nutrients in large quantities.
As for the reproduction of ferns, most often this procedure is performed by the method of transplantation of processes and separation of the kidneys. True, a similar occupation in our case is associated with some problems, so if you are planning to plant additional flowerpots with ferns, it is easiest to just buy a new young plant in the nearest flower shop.