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Wedding bouquet for the bride

Wedding bouquet for the bride

What is the most important event in life? Millions will answer - of course, the wedding! On this day, the bride looks like a fairy princess. It does not matter if you are arranging a celebration for a narrow circle or organizing a “feast for the whole world”, flowers always remain the main attribute of the holiday. Before ordering a bridal bouquet, you need to consider the overall image of the wedding celebration.

What are the requirements of the world's brides to the wedding bouquet?

  • beauty, aesthetics and “hit” in one image with a dress and the chosen wedding style. Here a lot depends on the skill and professionalism of the florist. After the bride describes the desired image, the florist offers several options for the bride's bouquet.
  • "Vitality" of the bouquet. There will be many moments when the wedding bouquet will need to be put on the surface. In addition, it is important that the flowers do not wilted and disheveled for a whole day. Therefore, it is necessary that they are the freshest, and the bouquet itself - assembled firmly and securely, and not disheveled after a few hours.
  • practicality. Next to the bouquet during the wedding all the time is a snow-white dress and a light suit of the groom. And it is very unpleasant if cut stalks, yellow pollen or other parts of the plant will leave their marks on you. Therefore, the florist must correctly handle cuts, shake off the pollen and monitor the integrity of the plant as a whole.

Call right now to order a wedding bouquet on the date you need. Our floristry studio will do everything to ensure that on your most important day any floral change is impeccable.