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Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets

It is a mistake to believe that wedding bouquets are exclusively a bridal bouquet. Of course, it is he who plays the “main violin”, one can even say more, that sets the tone and mood of the whole arrangement. However, we can not take into account that wedding bouquets are also:

  • groom and witness boutonniere;
  • bracelets for the witness;
  • boutonnieres for guests;
  • diadem of flowers for hair.

The bride's bouquet is a kind of starting point in the creation of all flower arrangements for the rest of the participants in the solemn event. Given the style of the dress, its shade and individual preferences of the bride, we at offer more than 14 wedding bouquet options. Round, falling, in the form of a fan or basket, in a word, a lot of ideas that allow you to stop the choice on the option that will attract attention as the most successful. The choice of the bride will allow to form wedding boutonnieres in a similar style, as well as bracelets for the witness and close guests.

Beauty should not interfere with comfort

Comfort is not the last condition in choosing a bouquet. Despite the fact that one option will look more spectacular, the other will be more convenient. For example, the fan bouquet is certainly spectacular, but in this case it is better for the witness to choose a floral bracelet in the form of a fan in order to release the handles and be able to help the bride if necessary. Flowers are not the only material for making a bouquet, and we offer many ideas that will emphasize its enchantment:

  • rape or silk ribbons give expressiveness;
  • lace and thin guipure emphasize the vintage character of the wedding;
  • rhinestones and beads look luxurious and original;
  • сontrast gives the theme triumph, and pastel emphasizes innocence.

Creating wedding bouquets like a beautiful song - only if you entrust their performance to the masters of the company “”, you can enjoy a real masterpiece, otherwise only its imitation.