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Wedding bouquets in Europe, America and Russia

Wedding bouquets in Europe, America and Russia

In any country, marriage is considered a sacred act, of which the flower bouquets of the bride are an essential attribute. Since ancient times, different parts of the world have developed unique traditions for making such bouquets, and we do not always see standard roses and other common plant species in the hands of a happy newlywed.

Wedding bouquets in the East

In Asian countries, there are unique orders in which florists make up compositions for a girl planning to marry. For example, in China, an exceptional feature of bouquets is the obligatory presence of red color - with such flowers is decorated the bride's dress and her hair. In Japan, on the contrary, instead of a bouquet in their hands at the wedding, charming brides hold colorful fans, and only her hair is decorated with flowers.
India has always been famous for its honor in relation to lotuses, so it is not surprising that on the wedding day in her hands a girl holds a bouquet of these lush flowers. True, the composition can be not only one lotus, but they are always in the center of the bouquet, framed by other plants.

Wedding Bouquets in Europe

The British believed that for the first time, the tradition of accompanying with bouquets the conclusion of a marriage between two young people was introduced by Queen Victoria, which slightly changed the old ritual. If before the bride was holding in their hands a composition consisting exclusively of herbs, then orange flowers were included in the bouquets.
Somewhere at the same time, roses have increasingly become an integral part of wedding floristics. Residents of Great Britain decided that the unique look of this wonderful flower reflects all the passion and love that should accompany the newlyweds in the union, so that red, yellow and other roses began to be included in the composition of the wedding bouquet.
Residents of Greece, since ancient times known for their belief in the other world, believed that on the wedding day the bride and groom are in danger, because evil spirits do not like people to celebrate and have fun. Accordingly, the Greeks included in the bouquets of the bride fragrant spices and herbs that have a pleasant smell and scare evil creatures. As a rule, ivy and orange flowers were especially popular, as they were fragrant for a long period and had a very attractive appearance.

Bouquets in the USA and Russia

America became the first place where the tradition of throwing a wedding bouquet into the crowd of bridesmaids went. True, as far as originality is concerned, in the USA for a long time only roses are used as the main element of the composition, so the West cannot boast of something unique in this regard.
In ancient Russia, instead of a floral bouquet, a wreath of field plants was used, which the bride also gave to her friend as a sign of her wish to meet her true love. This wreath reflected faith in the bright sun god, when our ancestors were pagans, but to this day, in remote villages, you can sometimes find a similar ritual.