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Rules for choosing growth stimulants

Rules for choosing growth stimulants

Many tasks of growing flowers in your own home or in your personal summer cottage require not only human attention. Various artificial additives that contribute to faster flower growth are used in modern floristry more often. And now we’ll talk about what plant growth stimulants exist and how to use them correctly.

What are stimulants used for?

Not too experienced flower growers believe that additives contribute to extremely rapid flower growth. But in fact, the range of tasks solved by stimulants is more extensive, and it consists of the following points:

  • Rapid rooting of the flower and the formation of a root system resistant to natural phenomena;
  • Strengthening young plants;
  • Life extension;
  • Strengthening the color of leaves and buds;
  • An increase in the number of fruits and berries given by the plant;
  • Quick recovery of flora representatives affected by various phenomena.

At the moment, there are a huge number of different stimulants, some of which are universal, and some are narrowly targeted.

What are stimulants made of?

The main part of artificial plant growth stimulants is composed of various vitamins, peptides, proteins and other trace elements that have a positive effect on flowers. Most often, in practice, universal preparations are used, which are equally well suited for use in growing vegetables, herbs, decorative flowers, berry and fruit trees. Such products include Ecogel BP, Amulet, Ecogel Country.
There are also plant protection stimulants, the effect of which is directly aimed at protecting flowers from sharp temperature drops, an abundance of rain fluid. Such additives contribute to the preservation of the root and deciduous system of the flower during transport or transplantation, can guarantee the protection of the living organism during wintering.
For fast rooting and stable growth, stimulants are used in the likeness of Ecogel Landscape. Such substances improve the decorative characteristics of plants and provide excellent survival even in not the most favorable conditions. Such growth and rooting stimulants are most often used for lawn grasses and too capricious coniferous representatives of the flora.
When choosing stimulants, it is important to consider the individual requirements of each individual plant. Universal preparations are far from suitable for every flower, or, on the contrary, it is best to use them. As a rule, a consultant offering similar products in the nearest flower shop can provide you with more detailed information about a particular substance.