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Dreams with flowers

Dreams with flowers

For a long time, flower arrangements symbolized the expression of feelings in relation to one person to another. The process of presenting bouquets was accompanied by pleasant events, and therefore it is not surprising that many of us want to know what dreams mean, in which various types of plants are present.
In general, most interpreters of dreams specify that each dream, where bouquets of flowers are present, reflects a unique event that may happen in the future. Of great importance for decoding is not only the variety of plants, but their color and combination with other colors.
In most cases, the flowers seen in a dream mean that soon a person will find new acquaintances, experience joyful feelings and positive. The severity of sensations that we will experience in the near future depends on how many varieties of plants will be included in the composition. If a person who wants to decipher the dream was not a donor, but plucked flowers, then in real life he will soon be able to learn some secrets of being and will be able to advance spiritually, developing previously unexplored opportunities or abilities.

Spring flowers

If in a dream there were various daisies, dandelions and other field plants blooming in the spring, then we can safely say that soon you will meet true love or meet your soulmate, which you have not seen for many years. If a girl sees in a dream a huge bouquet of spring flowers, made up of a variety of plant varieties, then in her life she will not end up with fans (which is not always good, of course, since it entails a lot of worries, especially if one of the boyfriends will be too persistent).
If spring flowers grew on dry and, in appearance, barren land, then the sleeping person will soon encounter certain problems in life. But they will not seem to be something unsolvable, it is only important not to give up and go to the goal, even if you are constantly faced with a lot of obstacles.

Details for each variety

If we talk more deeply about each variety of plants, then their appearance can be interpreted as follows:

  • A bouquet of daisies clearly indicates a successful personal life, even if before you could not find one or the only one with whom you would agree to spend the rest of your life;
  • If poppies are present in a dream, then in the near future you will find an entertaining romantic adventure;
  • Lilies are an ancient symbol of wealth and prosperity;
  • Roses (white, red or yellow) reflect purity and innocence, the ability to fall in love or find a true friend.

Of course, there are some negative aspects of the appearance of flowers in a dream. Thus, the daffodil will demonstrate that the sleeping person is most likely too selfish and will not be able to achieve his life goal because of this. And white chrysanthemums mean that pride is always placed in a sleeping person above any love relationship (especially if you have to sacrifice your own principles).