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Composing sweet bouquets

Composing sweet bouquets

Flowers as a gift - a great option to please your loved one. And, if we are talking about a girl, then the original solution will be the inclusion of sweet elements in the composition (for example, candy, chocolates, bars of milk and dark chocolate). Such bouquets will not just please with their appearance, but also allow you to enjoy the taste of sweets and chocolate, from which any girl (if she is not on a diet, of course) will experience genuine pleasure. And now we will tell you how to make such “sweet bouquets”, combining various confectionery products in them.

How to make a "sweet bouquet"

The most common version of the compilation of "sweet bouquets" is a combination of roses or tulips with the following pastries:

  • Chocolates in organza or crepe paper;
  • Lollipops or chupa chups with the addition of exotic fruits;
  • Kinder surprises;
  • Chocolate bars and large waffle sweets.

Not be superfluous and additional embellishment of this bouquet with the help of multi-colored ribbons, decorative mesh or other design products. The combination of colors (the plants themselves and the wrapper of chocolates or chocolates) must adhere to the same style, so that the impression of randomness and absurdity is not created.
In general, there are no strict restrictions that a professional florist would not be able to overcome. Here, each customer of the composition can give vent to fantasy and include various unique elements in a bouquet if the addressee of the gift has any specific tastes. The main rule of this direction of floristics is to create the most harmonious picture that would look more precise and would not cause a feeling of absurdity.

Who is best to give "sweet bouquets"

Such an original gift will be an excellent gift not only for an adult, but also for a child. If your daughter or son adore sweets, then the composition can be presented for any occasion: on his birthday, March 8, admission to school or graduation from an educational institution. By the way, without any reason such an option will take a lot of fun and charge you with positive for a long time!
As for adults, the “sweet bouquets” with a combination of flowers and sweets are suitable as a modest gift to a colleague or a girlfriend, a female boss or a relative. Of course, such a gift will not last long, as chocolate can melt, especially if the room is warm or even hot. However, for several days a person will be guaranteed to receive visual pleasure from the contemplation of such a gift near the workplace or at home.