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Save chrysanthemums after flower delivery

If you prefer the magic and bright colors of autumn, then as a gift for a loved one, loved one or just a friend you can order flowers delivered to the office bridal bouquet in the form of a composition of chrysanthemums amazing in shape and color. Unlike a bouquet of 10-20 roses or a composition of 25 roses, a bouquet of chrysanthemums conveys an incredible strength and richness of colors of the autumn pore.
By ordering flowers delivered to the office bridal bouquet of chrysanthemums, you will be surprised at the richness of the artist's autumn palette, in the arsenal of which there are various shades, ranging from noble golden, and ending with crimson red. In addition, a bouquet of chrysanthemums will cost you much cheaper than a composition of 30-40 roses or a bouquet of 201 roses.

How to extend the life of a bouquet of chrysanthemums?

After ordering flowers for delivery to the office, the order of bouquets of freshly cut chrysanthemums will stand for much longer if they were collected in the morning or late evening. It should also be borne in mind that these plants need to break off, and not cut with a knife or scissors.
The life of the bouquet after receiving the flowers with the delivery of the order, flower delivery can be saved much longer than for the period of idle plants in the water. To do this, chrysanthemums need to pre-soak for 10 hours in water. After this period, the plants need to be dried, and already from the dried chrysanthemums to make a flower composition again.
If the bouquet of chrysanthemums has faded a little, then they can be refreshed. To do this, each plant separately must be dipped tip into boiling water for a few minutes. This procedure will refresh the composition and preserve the freshness of flowers for a certain period of time.

Chrysanthemums - the memory of summer and the forerunners of winter

Summer is ending, heavy autumn clouds are approaching and torrential rains begin. At this time, you can order delivery of flower arrangements of chrysanthemums. These plants bloom before the onset of the first serious frosts, recalling the warm, fragrant summer colors and at the same time transferring all the richness of autumn colors.
From the bouquets of chrysanthemums can not tear off an enthusiastic look. Looking through the catalog of our online store or ordering flowers delivered to the office bridal bouquet of chrysanthemums, created by our designers and florists, you will experience a feeling of nostalgia for summer meadows. The compositions created by our specialists somehow resemble such bright and attractive wildflowers, although they are the result of the fantasy and highly skilled florists of the company.