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Subtleties create flower bouquets in St. Petersburg

Flower arrangements accompany a person throughout his life. Wanting to congratulate a friend, people order delivery of bouquets of flowers with delivery as gifts in the form of bouquets of 30-40 roses or 45 roses. On anniversaries and birthdays of close people order flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg in the form of compositions of 300-1000 roses. 
Breeders bring new varieties, and florists create bouquets of flowers with delivery to the office delivery of bouquets, combining them from different plants. But when ordering flowers to a man with delivery in the form of a bouquet of 50-55 roses, you need to know some of the secrets of creating flower arrangements.

Secrets of floristics

When you order flowers with bridal bouquet delivery to the office, you are surprised at the craftsmanship and fantasy of designers and florists creating bouquets of 100 roses. The work of specialists in flower salons in St. Petersburg is striking in its imagination and refinement. Is it possible to create such compositions by yourself? Sure you may.
Taking as an example flowers for office delivery of bouquets, cutting off all unnecessary, using the techniques and the simplest materials lying on the surface, you can create real masterpieces of floristics.

Bouquet making rules

When ordering flowers for delivery to the office delivery of bouquets or self-composition, you need to consider a number of rules:

  1. The design of the bouquet. At the heart of any flower arrangement should be an idea. Before creating a bouquet, you need to create a three-dimensional composition in your mind, and then combine the plants.
  2. The main accent. Whether 10 plants or 201 roses, the bouquet should be the main flower, emphasizing all the attention. In this case, you can use a flower of a different color, which will differ significantly from other plants in the composition.
  3. Rhythm composition. When ordering flowers delivered to the office bridal bouquet or creating a bouquet yourself, try to have different types of plants in the composition, and the flowers themselves are different in size and color.
  4. Balance and harmony. When ordering florists with the delivery terms of flowers, delivery of flowers, ask them to visually not be heavy bouquets and look harmonious.
  5. Color spectrum. The main thing in the composition of flowers - restraint. A bouquet too saturated with bright flowers will look catchy and unnatural, a composition with only light flowers is unattractive.

Considering this, when ordering flowers to a man with delivery or when creating a bouquet for yourself, you will collect a harmonious and attractive outwardly composition.