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Development of bouquet delivery services

All over the world, and even in our country, no one is surprised by flowers with urgent delivery, which can be ordered in almost any city. If desired, within a few hours you can order fantastic flowers with delivery to almost any address. It can be dahlias, chrysanthemums, peonies, chamomile a bouquet of 50-55 roses or other flowers delivered to the office of the salon of flowers.

The history of the delivery of bouquets

In the Middle Ages in France there was still no incense and perfume in the full sense of the word. Rich people tried to somehow refresh their homes, fill them with fragrant bouquets of 45 roses or 100 roses, visually decorating the room. Then it was not possible to order exotic flowers with delivery or buy delightful bouquets of 300-1000 roses.
Cultivation of flowers and the creation of compositions of them engaged in the servants. At that time, flower arrangements began to appear, but they were composed without taste and without complying with certain rules of floristics. This was the prerequisite for the appearance of services in which it was possible to order 201 roses or a bouquet with delivery of wild flowers as a gift.
The desire to show respect and express feelings was the next step towards the emergence and development of bouquet delivery services of 50-55 roses. The ancient knights, wanting to please their ladies, did not have the opportunity to order Amaryllis flowers with delivery, but they sent bouquets with their servants or henchmen.

Bouquets - military messages

In the period from the 16th to the 18th century, the Persians (who lived in the territory of modern Turkey) created a unique system of coding military correspondence using colors. If the then courier was detained with a bouquet of 45 roses or 100 roses, then no one could have guessed that this was a definite message. Indeed, in those days it was already customary to send flowers to ladies with servants or squires.

The development of flower delivery services in Europe

In the 19th century in Europe, it became fashionable to decorate dresses with different colors or buttonholes. Ladies decorated their dresses in exquisite colors, men wore roses or carnations in their coat coats. In those days, it also became fashionable to attend performances of ballet and theater groups. As now we recommend flowers delivered to your favorite artists, and in those years, rich fans ordered chic bouquets or flower arrangements in baskets with delivery. Couriers delivered them directly to the dressing rooms of their favorite ballet dancers, singers or artists.