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What plants grow at home

What plants grow at home

Some indoor plants, although they have an attractive appearance, do not affect our body too favorably. Accordingly, you need to know which flowers are better not to grow at home, so as not to become a victim, so to speak, of their unfavorable aura.

What flowers are considered enemies

You can immediately clarify that the most dangerous colors for humans are poisonous representatives of the flora, which can significantly worsen our condition even from one touch to them. These colors include aconite bleached, hemlock and the like. Of course, it is possible in practice to follow certain safety rules, but none of us are immune from accidents, and these representatives of the flora are found in modern houses and apartments quite rarely.
At the energy level, Monstera, Yucca, Dieffenbachia and Echmea have a strong influence on us - they can act very destructively, worsening our psychological and mental state. The presence of such flowers can cause increased irritability, provoke conflicts and, in general, will not bring positive emotions, even in the flowering season.

More details about each plant

So, dieffenbachia, of course, does not apply to poisonous flowers, but has a strong energy. This flower is simply crowded in modern apartments, so that it is increasingly grown in a garden or greenhouse, where the plant will not feel cramped. Best of all, dieffenbachia grow in offices, where it will be able to charge energy to a large number of workers throughout the day.
The most "aggressive" flower is yucca - it often provokes the emergence of conflicts, so that in the family housing its presence is highly undesirable. However, according to experts in the field of floristics, the yucca will protect us from harmful energy quality if we put it in the flowerpots located near the entrance to the office.
Monstera refers to the type of plants that are called “energy vampires”. The fact is that it is fueled by energy from the environment, so that at home we will constantly feel tired and depleted. On the other hand, if the house is constantly sick or the plants present are not blooming well, then this is where the pot with the monster comes in handy. It will quickly absorb negative energy and improve the overall atmosphere!
If you correctly approach the selection of plants that we want to grow at home, then you will be able to create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere in the rooms. Some varieties will protect your home from harmful energy, while others will create coziness and comfort in which you can relax from the busy working days.