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Houseplants for a unique interior

Houseplants for a unique interior

The use of living plants in the home interior allows you to vary the environment, bringing to it the notes of nature and freshness. Of course, it is not always possible to use those varieties that we liked by appearance. But a competent approach to interior design will be the key to true comfort!

How to properly refresh the atmosphere at home with the help of plants

The main rule to consider when choosing seeds for planting is the size of the room where you plan to place the flowers in the pots. In small rooms, long and narrow representatives of the flora will take root perfectly, and for spacious rooms, lush flowers with abundant leafy systems are more suitable. For the second option, you should stop the choice of dracaena or ficus.
The second important indicator is the color of the plants. In bright rooms, most varieties of classic flowers will look good, and in rooms with dark-colored walls you can place containers with more exotic live plants.

Flowers for the hallway

As a rule, there is little light in these rooms, so the presence of unpretentious plants such as arrowroot, fatsia and dracaena will be an excellent option. If the room is large, then it can accommodate a fern, and for smaller hallways, you can use hanging structures with not too voluminous colors.

Flowers for the kitchen

It is always hot, humid and light here. It is recommended not to place flowers near the stove - sprays can fly from it during cooking, and not every plant will like this place.
Aloe, ficus, florophytum and asparagus are the most optimal plants in the kitchen - they easily survive with sharp temperature changes. Also, an excellent solution would be to grow mini garden gardens with vegetables and herbs on the window sills of the room, which can be added to dishes with direct cooking.

Bedroom flowers

It is necessary to decorate the interior of the bedroom with living plants with the utmost care, bypassing the representatives of the flora, who have a strong, sharp aroma. Ferns and lilies are also dangerous for resting places - they actively absorb oxygen, and you are guaranteed to wake up with a headache if you decide to opt for them. On the other hand, Kalanchoe and aloe for the bedroom are optimally suited, as they not only refresh the atmosphere, but also have a positive effect on our health.

Flowers for the living room

For the living room, you can already choose plants with a lush deciduous system, placed in bulk floor designs. Yes, they will occupy a lot of space, but the living room itself belongs to the largest premises in the house.
For living rooms, you can choose not only lush-leafy plants, but also small flowers in vases or in hanging pots. In general, there is, where to roam, just need to carefully choose the flowers, depending on their demands for lighting: whimsical place closer to the window, and less demanding - in the shade or penumbra.