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How to save bouquets after delivery to St. Petersburg

How to keep flowers delivered fresh? So, after the delivery of roses, the flowers remain fresh? Similar questions concern many fans of these plants. Let's try to reveal some tips on preserving the freshness of cut plants or ready-made bouquets after ordering flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg.

Extend the life of freshly cut tulips

Before installing fresh cut plants or flowers brought from the salon with delivery on St. Petersburg bouquets, you need to cut the stems in the lower part and remove the lower leaves. The old ends of the stems and the lower leaves cause rapid water spoilage. 
There is another secret: before putting fresh cut flowers delivered in a vase, they are recommended to be wrapped tightly in paper and put in a cool place for 2 hours. After that, tulips for a long period of time will not sag in a vase.

Extend the life of roses

Freshly cut flowers with delivery in the winter can not be immediately entered into a warm room. With a sharp increase in temperature, plants intensively lose moisture, which causes them to wilt. 
MIX of roses or Kala flowers with delivery to St. Petersburg before placing the vase must be pre-processed. From the parts of the plants that will be in the water, you need to remove the leaves and thorns. After this, you need to make fresh oblique sections on the stems. Because in the old sections, in the process of transportation, air plugs were formed. Cutting the stems of delivered roses in St. Petersburg must be carried out under water. 
After ordering a super cheap bouquet with delivery, you need to prepare water for flowers at room temperature. Per liter of water is recommended to add one teaspoon of vinegar and 30 grams of sugar. Indoors, flowers of callas with delivery to St. Petersburg or roses in a vase are recommended to be placed away from sunlight and heating devices. 
Bananas or apples should not be kept near bouquets, since they produce ethylene, a substance harmful to these colors. It is also worth considering that ordering a bouquet at the sale of flowers with delivery, you should not leave it in places where there are drafts. 
If you follow these simple rules, the composition of beautiful flowers will delight you much longer. The main thing is to pay attention to the condition of the plants after ordering flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg. If you received fresh roses in St. Petersburg, then these simple tips will help to prolong their lives at times.