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Difficulties in the delivery of bouquets in St. Petersburg

You can order flowers from us for delivery to the office bridal bouquet in St. Petersburg from 25 roses or 30-40 roses. Our couriers deliver flowers to any address of St. Petersburg and the region around the clock. When presenting flowers to the office a wedding bouquet of 10-20 roses or from 60-100 roses, our staff often face difficulties related to the peculiarities of St. Petersburg. Let's talk about the nuances and features of transporting flowers with delivery to the office of a wedding bouquet of up to 10 roses in St. Petersburg.

Difficulties with the delivery of bouquets in St. Petersburg

In terms of its size and population, St. Petersburg is one of the largest European megalopolises. The distance between districts of the city, which can sometimes reach 30-35 kilometers, affects the efficiency of couriers carrying flowers delivered to the office by ordering bouquets of 25 roses or 30-40 roses.
When ordering flowers with delivery, buy flowers couriers of our company use different types of transport, but during peak hours there may be unexpected delays of 1-2 hours. If we take this fact into account, then flowers with a bridal bouquet up to 10 roses should be ordered in our company in advance.
The efficiency of round-the-clock transportation of flowers with delivery to the office of a wedding bouquet of 10-20 roses is also affected by the fact that bridges across the Neva River are made from April to December in our city.

What should be considered when ordering flower delivery in St. Petersburg?

When ordering flowers for ordering to the office, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • When ordering flowers with delivery to buy flowers in our company for allergy sufferers or patients, you need to know that we will refuse to deliver white lines or other plants that cause allergies for them.
  • Our couriers can deliver a bouquet not only to a hospital, but also to prison. In this case, the gift will be delivered to the addressee only during the hours reserved for receiving visitors.
  • Discussing with the managers of the company the ordering of flowers with delivery to the office of ordering flowers to institutions with a certain mode, you need to specify not only their location, but also internal rules.

Couriers of our salon will bring flowers in time with delivery to the office a bridal bouquet of 60-100 roses, regardless of the time of day, season or river navigation period. We are ready to deliver any flower arrangement both on the eve of the holiday, and directly on the day of the celebration.
In order to avoid any problems with the delivery of flowers in St. Petersburg, this service is better to order in advance.